Bill Inserts

2024 Utility Bill Inserts


DPU Scoop(PDF, 2MB)   ("Yarden" Efficiency Tips; Rattlesnakes of Los Alamos; Home Improvements 101; Seeking Cool Electric Vehicles; Dear DPU Abbey: Craving Darkness)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 2MB)  (Laundry Efficiency Tips; Be BEAR Aware; Outdoor Water: Rule W-8; Maintaining Water Quality at Home; Helio Big Year Solar Education: Solar Water Heaters)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 2MB) (Bathroom Efficiency Tips; Prevents Conflicts with Raccoons; Essay Contest for Youth Leaders; FY2023 DPU Annual Report; Seeking Applicants for the Board


DPU Scoop(PDF, 2MB) (Outer Envelope Efficiency Tips; Coyote Mating Season; Shutoff Moratorium Ending; Fin de la Moratoria de Desconecciones; Helio Big Year Solar Education: Solar Power)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 1MB)  (Improve Kitchen Efficiency; Get to Know the Mountain Lion; Medical Equipment Registry; Helio Big Year Education: Solar Ovens; Utility Assistance Program)

Roll Cart Schedule(PDF, 2MB) (2024 collection schedule for trash, recycling, and yard trimming roll carts; also listed under December 2023)





2023 Utility Bill Inserts


DPU Scoop(PDF, 3MB) (Update on IRA Credits & Rebates; Our New Website has Launched; Is Budget Billing Right for You?; Utility Assistance: Ins vs. Outs; Party!)

Roll Cart Schedule(PDF, 2MB) (2024 collection schedule for trash, recycling, and yard trimming roll carts)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 645KB) (I Spy With the Thermal Eye...; Use AMI Portal to Manage Bills; Utilice el Portal AMI para Manejar Sus Facturas; Electric Rates Changed October 1; Is Your Kitchen Vent Doing Anything?)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 1MB) (Sustainable Landscape Design; Utility Assistance: Ins vs. Outs; Public Power Utility; Party!; Share Your Input)

Gas Awareness(PDF, 1MB) (Identifying Gas Pipeline Markers / Cómo identificar Marcadores de tuberías de gas natural)


DPU Scoop(PDF, 583KB) (Heating System Maintenance; Winter Moratorium / Comienza Moratoria de Invierno ed 15 de Nov; Rate Changes Effective in October; New Lightbulb Rule; Utility Assistance Program)


DPU Dispatch(PDF, 5MB) (Dry Times; Living With Wildlife; Cut Your Losses; Utility Assistance Program; Follow Us!)


DPU Dispatch(PDF, 7MB) (What is the Energy Impact of Gaming?; Living With Wildlife; Message from Environmental Services; Free Compost; Utility Assistance Program)

Gas Awareness(PDF, 488KB) (Odor Fade / Ausencia de Olor)


Water-Energy Nexus(PDF, 635KB)

Utility Assistance Program(PDF, 549KB)


Inflation Reduction Act(PDF, 1MB)

Automated Metering Portal(PDF, 539KB)


Water Rule W-8(PDF, 594KB)

Voice of the Customer Survey(PDF, 118KB)

Gas Awareness(PDF, 922KB) (Call Before You Dig)

Vacancy:(PDF, 267KB) Board of Public Utilities


ICUA Youth Rally(PDF, 381KB)

Los Alamos Now App(PDF, 1MB)

Fix A Leak(PDF, 846KB)

DPU Annual Report(PDF, 425KB)


Moratorium Ending(PDF, 100KB)

Furnace Replacement(PDF, 406KB)

Poster Contest:(PDF, 850KB) Conservation in the Kitchen


Medical Equipment Alert Registry(PDF, 2MB)

Source of Los Alamos Water(PDF, 8MB)


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