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Los Alamos County councilors develop and adopt a strategic leadership plan each year (generally in January or February) after participating in a strategic planning workshop.  Also included on this page are the councilors' procedural rules (which govern the conduct of council meetings, closed sessions, the appointment of committees and more). Note: Rules are not necessarily updated yearly.


37th Street & Pinon Park Project Timeline

July 2024 - Begin construction

April 2024 - Award construction

Feb 2024 - RFP and Bid for playground renovation.

Jan 2024 - Finalize designs - Parks and Recreation Advisory Board presentation.

Dec 2023 - Return with two options for review by user groups at on-site public meetings, meet in locations near the playgrounds.

Sept 2023 - Initial Community Listening sessions for each playground. Meetings at Pinon and 37th street, Get additional feedback from the Youth Activity Centers and local schools.

Aug 2023 - Staff Kick Off meetings.





The following are plans that guide our decision-making to improve the economic well-being of our community. The goal is to provide a healthy economy, encourage employment opportunities, expand the local tax base, facilitate economic opportunity, and promote tourism. Some of the documents included on this page are the Comprehensive Plan, the White Rock Town Center Master Plan, the Los Alamos Downtown Master Plan, the Community Vitality Progress Report, the Economic Development Strategic Plan, the Creative District Plan, the Historic Preservation Plan, and the Tourism Plan.

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