Parks in Los Alamos & White Rock

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We strive for continuous improvement in the quality and safety of the Parks infrastructure through reliable and consistent maintenance, design, development, and enhancement of facilities and aesthetics of parks, public grounds, as well as trails and open space within Los Alamos County.

The Parks section maintains 29 parks and 20 playgrounds, covers 600 acres, 4,000 acres of open space, and 58 miles trails. Other public grounds of Los Alamos County include Guaje Pines Cemetery, Camp May, landscaped traffic medians and streetscapes, North Mesa Stables and Rodeo grounds and 14 additional public properties.

For more information on RV storage and Community Garden Plots, please contact the Parks Department at 505-662-8159.

The Parks and Open Space Division's duties include turf management, mowing and trimming, tree and shrub pruning, maintenance of irrigation systems, playgrounds, athletic fields, concession stands, tennis and basketball courts, trash collection, interments, manure removal, and snow removal.

We also plan, design and develop and install new park facilities as well as renovate, overhaul and repair existing facilities. We are involved with an ongoing, intensive landscaping and tree-planting program throughout the parks system and public buildings.

There are thirteen (13) developed public parks are in Los Alamos and White Rock. Most parks have amenities that are rentable, otherwise are usable on a first-come first-serve basis.

For additional information about each, choose a park from the list below. Click the "Check Availability" button to view availability of park amenities.

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