Open Solicitations

For more information about Los Alamos County procurement, visit our Procurement page.

Information about County solicitations is provided online as a courtesy to interested parties. The County gives public notice in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Sec. 31-101 (c) of the County Code. Solicitation responses must be submitted in writing as directed in the solicitation. Unless otherwise stated in the solicitation documents, interested respondents should contact the Procurement Representative listed in the solicitation to obtain the solicitation documents, which will be emailed unless there are size restrictions. Interested respondents may also pick up paper solicitation documents in person at the Procurement Office during normal business hours. If documents are available via an alternate method, the solicitation will so state.


Solicitations close as of the closing date stated in the solicitation documents, including any addenda issued.  It is possible, due to a lag in posting times, that a solicitation that has passed its closing date and time may temporarily continue to appear on this page in "Open" status. If there is any discrepancy between dates or times posted here on this website and those stated in the solicitation documents, the solicitation documents shall govern.  It is the Offeror's responsibility to make note of any submittal requirements outlined in the solicitation documents, including any addenda issued.