Drive Less Los Alamos

Drive less Los Alamos

Whether you commute to Los Alamos from Santa Fe, Española, or live here locally, Los Alamos County asks you to change your driving habits. Why not consider walking, biking, taking the bus, or carpooling instead of driving alone? You'll save money, reduce air pollution, and minimize traffic congestion. Added benefits include making new friends and improving your health if you're walking or biking.

Check out the following resources to help you find alternative methods of transportation:

Walk more

If you're local, walking is a great way to commute to work, and boost your health in the process. It's good for your heart, lungs, muscle and bone growth, and overall sense of well-being. Try walking to your next meeting or event! It's free, great exercise, reduces pollution, and you don't have to worry about finding a parking space.

Get information about the Los Alamos County Trail Network and download a copy of the map HERE.

Bike More

Biking is a low-cost commute option and a great way to stay fit with daily exercise, without taking the additional time needed to walk.

Get information about the Los Alamos County Trail Network and download a copy of the map HERE.

Get tips and information about trip safety, rules of the road, and more by viewing the Bike More brochure HERE .

Additional information and resources for bikers:

Ride More

View printable Atomic City Transit routes and schedules. Use the ACTracker for real-time transit info and interactive route maps.

Afternoon Express routes operate on school days only and are open to the general public. See the ACTracker for Routes 7-11, or view printable routes and schedules.

New Mexico Park & Ride operates three intercity routes into Los Alamos:

  • Green Route travels to/from Española
  • Blue Route travels to/from Pojoaque and Santa Fe
  • Purple Route travels to/from Santa Fe, Bernalillo and Albuquerque

Call (866) 551-7433, or go to the Park & Ride website, for route and schedule information.

North Central Regional Transit District (RTD) operates the "Blue Bus" between Los Alamos and Pojoaque/Espanola. Call (866) 206-0754, or go to the RTD website, for route and schedule information.


Whether commuting locally or regionally, getting kids to and from practice, or attending classes, carpooling is an excellent way to help minimize traffic, lower your gas costs, and positively impact the parking needs at your destination. Try these tips for creating carpooling opportunities for your daily commute:

  • Share a ride with your spouse or friends
  • Take Turns driving with coworkers or classmates
  • Join a Ride Share service app, such as UberX Share or GoKid.