Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Image that has a green footprint on cardboard that says Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What steps can you take to positively impact climate change? Utilize tools available now to help calculate your current carbon footprint, take steps in your day-to-day activities to make an impact, and plan for ways to increase your impact at home.

A wide variety of resources are available right at your finger tips. Start with the links below!

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Do you know what your carbon footprint looks like? Try out this calculator through UC Berkley!

Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator

Cool Climate Network calculator page screenshot - Click to navigate to the page

Los Alamos County Resources

Find out more about how the Eco Station is being proactive to address sustainability, and learn about building sustainably on the Environmental Services Waste and Recycling page.

Don't forget to visit the Dept. of Public Utilities Conserve and Reduce webpage or the Zero Waste Los Alamos webpage for ways to be proactive in your own home.


Other Tips and Resources

Check out these resources to help you find ways to save energy, money, and make proactive changes to impact climate change!


ENERGY STAR certified products can help you save energy. 

Energy Star Resources, Tips, and Information

Energy Star Resources Screenshot showing three links tax rebates and a rebate finder - Click to navigate to the Energy Star website

Energy Star Resources Screenshot showing three links to energy saving resources, apartments and new homes, and building and plant strategies - Click to navigate to the Energy Star website


Actions for a healthy planet

United Nations 10 Actions

UN 10 Actions Website Screenshot of the tops of the actions list available on their website - click to navigate to the UN 10 actions website for the ten actions


National Park Service - Mitigating the Cause

Though adapting to climate change is the core of National Park Service (NPS) strategy, it is far easier and more cost effective to prevent aspects of climate change from happening in the first place than to manage their effects. The NPS recognizes that many of our activities, decisions, and plans have impacts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and storage. Therefore, responding to climate change begins with limiting our own emissions and incorporating climate-friendly practices into our management and culture.

NPS Mitigating the Cause

NPS Mitigating the cause website screenshot showing three areas of action: at home, climate friendly parks and visiting green - click to navigate to the NPS Mitigating the cause website to learn about all three of these actions


EPA - Greener Living

Greener Living Resources and Calculators

EPA Greener Living website screenshot showing the page summary and a list of tools available on the site, including a carbon footprint calculator, fuel calculator and more - Click to navigate to the EPA Greener Living website


Organic Food Scorecards


Cornucopia Institute Organic Foods Scorecards website screenshot with links to a wide variety of organic foods lising the farms that provide those foods and their scores - Click to navigate to the Cornucopia Institute organic foods scorecard website