Civil Process

Step 1.Bring or mail all required paperwork to the Los Alamos Police Department.

Writs, summonses, mandates, or other documents from a court of law that are civil.

Los Alamos Police Department.

Records Division

2500 Trinity Drive, Suite A

Los Alamos NM: 87544

(505) 663-1741

Step 2.Payment is required with the submission of paperwork.

$40.00 payment. Cash.

Service will be attempted in person three times.

Step 3.Information needed for service.

Address of the person to be served. 

Must reside in Los Alamos County.

A phone number for the person to be served is preferred not required.

Calling allows the officer to schedule service and reduces service attempts.

Your contact information.

If you wish to receive a copy of the service or be notified.

Step 4.Information needed to return completed service.

Service will be returned to the courts for local courts.

Local is considered Los Alamos Magistrate and First District.

Phone, email, and address of court for non-local jurisdictions.

Agency or individual phone, email, and address of requester.