Housing Plans and Data

Read the Affordable Housing Plans, Housing Market Needs Analysis, and other Housing Studies in Los Alamos.


Affordable Housing Plan

The County's Affordable Housing Plan calls for housing "at a variety of price ranges so that firefighters, teachers, police, young people and elders can live comfortably in our community." An objective of this goal suggests that the County "regularly evaluate the amount, distribution and need for affordable and mid-range priced housing." Another objective asks that the County "seek methods to qualify the County's low and moderate-income household for federal affordable housing programs." In addition:

  • The Plan accurately identifies specific affordable housing needs in the County and sets realistic goals for meeting those needs.
  • The plan has been approved by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, which qualifies the County for receipt of State and Federal subsidies.
  • The Ordinance establishes the legal authorization for offering County assistance to non-government entities who want to help meet our affordability goals.
  • The Plan outlines the specific housing assistance programs that the County may choose to pursue in the coming years.


Housing Market Needs Analysis

Housing Market Needs Analysis was completed in December 2019 to provide the County information on community housing needs and preferences. The study was implemented as part of Council's 2019 strategic goals for housing. This includes a variety of housing options for all segments of the community, from affordable, entry-level, and live-work housing to new options for those interested in downsizing or moving closer to central areas of the community. Sites Southwest Consulting performed the study including several outreach activities for community input and to collect needed market data. The study concluded an acute housing shortage and identified immediate need for additional home and rental units to serve all market segments. Key findings also identified high unmet demand for middle- to higher-density homes for the workforce, students, and seniors such as town homes, duplexes and small-scale apartment buildings. Recommendations included development of sites close to existing infrastructure, developing strategies for higher density housing and mixed-use development in Los Alamos and White Rock town centers, and working with LANL and the School District on transportation and other redevelopment plans.