Transit Updated Plan

2023 Short-Range Transit Plan

The Short-Range Transit Plan presents the setting for transportation in Los Alamos County, including demographic factors, the recent operating history of public transit services, information on connecting services, the evaluation of service alternatives, capital alternatives, funding alternatives, and institutional alternatives, ultimately presenting a recommended course of action over the next five years.

The overall study affords the leaders and transportation providers of Los Alamos County the chance to take an in-depth look at the transit systems currently in place, identify the optimal manner in which transit can meet the public’s needs within Los Alamos County, and carefully identify where transit resources should be devoted over the plan period. The study  provides a “business plan,” based on public input, which can guide the regional transit program to best meet mobility needs utilizing available resources.


2016 Comprehensive Transit Study / Updated Service Plan

The Los Alamos Comprehensive Transit Study/Updated Service Plan(PDF, 16MB) represents the body of work upon which the route and schedule adjustments implemented on January 25, 2016 were based.