Los Alamos Housing is responsible for developing and implementing programs and projects to maintain and increase housing opportunities for all segments of the Los Alamos Community. This includes contracting with non-profit service providers who oversee daily operations of affordable housing homeownership, rental, and rehabilitation programs. The Housing Division works to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations and updates to County Housing Programs' Policies and Procedures on an ongoing basis. We are also working with the Los Alamos Public Schools for housing on LAPS-owned land on North Mesa.

Los Alamos County does not provide services or manage housing directly. Please see our pages on the Home Renewal Program for home owners,  the Homebuyer Assistance Program, Section 8 information, and market rate rental developments for more information.

Los Alamos County Strategic Goal for Housing is "Increasing the amount and types of housing options. This includes a variety of housing options for all segments of the community, from affordable, entry-level, and live-work housing to new options for those interested in downsizing or moving closer to central areas of the community."

Los Alamos County's Social Services Division oversees a spectrum of programs centered around community health and well-being. Los Alamos residents of all ages can receive assistance with access to housing and food support, health insurance and benefits, and other resources to help meet their needs.

The Housing Division may be emailed at Housing@lacnm.us