Inmate Visitation - Los Alamos Detention Center





Visitor Information

Step 1.All visitors must be 18 years old.

Minor children can visit a parent.

Legal guardian must accompany children.

Step 2.All visitors must show some type of picture identification.

Step 3.Intoxicated people are not allowed to visit.

Step 4.Inmates can refuse visits.

Step 5.Staff can cancel visiting hours at any time for appropriate reasons.

Step 6.Visitors can only bring pre-approved items to inmates.

Call (505) 662-8235 for information.

Step 7.If an inmate or visitor is disruptive the Detention Officers may end a visit.

Step 8.Arrange special visits through the Detention Supervisor.

Call (505) 662-8235 for information.

Anyone on probation/parole is not allowed to visit.

Step 9.Anyone who has been incarcerated at the facility within 90 days is not allowed to visit.


Schedule Inmate Visitation

We encourage visiting incarcerated individuals.

Step 1.Family and friends can schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

Step 2.Call (505) 662-8235 for scheduling.