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This subsidy loan funded by Los Alamos County through the Los Alamos Housing Partnership is designed to help income-qualified homeowners make needed repairs or improvements without the burden of a monthly payment. Additionally, no monthly payments are due on the loan until the home is sold, vacated, or the title is otherwise transferred. For more information, please contact our partners at the Los Alamos Housing Partnership.


 Steve Brugger

Los Alamos Housing Partnership, Inc.
1362 Trinity Drive, Suite C-1
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Phone:(505) 662-8918



Building Department Contractor List

The Los Alamos County Building Department maintains a list of contractors licensed to work in Los Alamos County. Click on the following link for a PDF list.

List of Licensed Contractors in Los Alamos(PDF, 92KB)

Los Alamos County ensures that contractors possess the exact license necessary for the particular construction project specified in the permit application. In New Mexico, the primary licenses for construction projects issued in Los Alamos County are GB-98 and GB-2.

A GB-2 license holder grants contractors the authority to undertake work on single-family dwellings and structures comprising up to four attached units. Conversely, a GB-98 license holder is designated for general builders, allowing them to work on residential and commercial construction.

Moreover, work falling under mechanical, electrical, general building, or LP Gas classifications must be carried out by entities possessing valid licenses in the respective categories or subcontracted to other licensed entities.

Specialty licenses also exist, tailoring to specific project requirements:

  • GA license holders specialize in asphalt, bitumen, and concrete work.
  • GB license holders are authorized for residential and commercial building projects.
  • GF license holders are permitted to construct fixed works facilities, such as airports, bridges, canals, and drainage systems.
  • GS license holders specialize in various areas such as insulation, awnings, concrete work, demolition, drywall, excavating, elevators, framing, siding, stucco, roofing, and windows.

Additionally, there are specialized licenses for electrical (EE), mechanical and plumbing (MM), each catering to residential and commercial projects, along with further specialty classifications within these domains.