Guaje Pines Cemetery

Guaje Pines, a garden cemetery, is owned and operated by Los Alamos County and maintained by Parks Division. The cemetery is located at the end of Range Road off Diamond Drive about 2.2 miles from the intersection of Diamond and Trinity.

Burial plots, spaces & arrangements

Detailed Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the plots, spaces and services cost?

As of August 2021 the fees are as follows: 

Current Cemetery Fees as of August 2021

Can I choose the burial location?

No, lots are sold on a consecutive basis. However, you can pre-purchase a burial plot or urn space.

Are there restrictions on headstones or grave markers?

Yes, there are restrictions. All permanent markers must be made of bronze, granite or marble and set flush to the ground.


Under what authority does the County operate the Guaje Pines Cemetery?

Chapter 14, Article III in the Los Alamos County Ordinance Codes.