Community Service

Please review the instructions for the Adult Community Service Program. 

For juvenile Community Service guidelines, please refer to the Teen Court page.



Step 1.Select an organization(s)

Select organizations from the 2019 pre-approved list.

Organizations(PDF, 155KB) 


Other volunteer opportunities can be found at the

Community service performed at any other organization will not be accepted by the Court unless pre-approved. Note: You may not be supervised by a family member.

Step 2.Schedule your Community Service

Contact the organization(s) listed representative and schedule your community service hours. If you are informed the person is no longer with the organization, ask to speak to someone regarding community service. Verify if the Organization has a required dress code.

Step 3.Show up on time

Call the organization if cancelling or running late. Organizations retain the right to refuse your work if your actions are unprofessional.


Log Hours

Step 1.Community Service Reporting Sheet

Download and take the Community Service Reporting Sheet with you when you perform your community service.  

Reporting Sheet(RTF, 98KB) 

Step 2.Log the Hours Worked

Every time you perform community service the organization must log the number of hours you worked on the "Community Service Reporting Sheet."

Submit Logs

Return Log Sheet to the Court

You must return the completed “Community Service Reporting Sheet” to the Municipal Court by the court ordered deadline.