Tax Rate Information & Reports

Current and prior year tax rates for Los Alamos County

The process for determining property tax rates is mandated by New Mexico State law which requires the County Assessor and the Property Tax Division to annually certify property tax valuations to DFA. All counties, municipalities, towns, villages, schools, community colleges, and special districts (water and soil) shall submit their annual budget requests detailing the funding necessary for their operations and debt service.

Once this information is submitted, the Budget and Finance Bureau of the Local Government Division of the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration then sets the tax rates, according to certified values and approved budgets. These rates are then used to calculate the appropriate property tax for each taxing authority.

The current and prior year tax rates for Los Alamos County are listed below.


Tax Schedule



Current and prior Abstracts of Property Assessments.

Pursuant to regulation of Section 7-38-35 NMSA 1978, of the Property Tax Code, the County Assessor shall submit to the New Mexico Property Tax Division and the County Treasurer, an Abstract of Property Assessments which includes information on the valuation of different classifications and types of property, taxable values of property, allowable exemptions, values and net taxable values of property. Abstracts shall be submitted on or before October 1st of each year.



Property Valuation & Maintenance Plan

Property Valuation & Maintenance Plan