BMX Track

Scope of the Project
Los Alamos County (County) is seeking design and construction services for a Bicycle Moto-Cross (BMX) Track which will require sanctioning by USA BMX. The track will be built on County owned property, located at North Mesa Park Road, on top of the existing facility. This is a design-build project, the design-build team shall include, a state licensed engineer or architect, and a contractor properly licensed in New Mexico for the type of work required. The vendor will seek stakeholder and user group input for three options on the BMX track.

Option 1 - would be a basic track, dirt turns and finish area, concrete starting hill, starting gate and perimeter fencing. This would be for local use.
Option 2 - would be the basic track, starting gate, walkways, bleachers, lighting, paved turns and finish area finish line support booth, announcers tower, support building restrooms and perimeter fencing. Ideal design would be for the 5 state region competition area.
Option 3 - All of option 2 with a consideration of amenities needed for a super-regional or national competition.

- Phase 2 for design concept services is out for consideration.
- Proposals are due October 19, 2021.
- Proposals extended until November 2, 2021
- The bids were returned and evaluated by the committee. 
- The cost estimates were exceedingly high and the project was cancelled. 
- Staff is working on a revised scope for early Spring.



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