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The Los Alamos Fire Department also provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the community and Los Alamos National Laboratory. The department has six ambulances that respond to 911 medical calls. All firefighters in the department are required to have an EMS license. EMS response is available 24 hours a day, every day. Our ambulances are Advanced Life Support Mobile Intensive Care Units staffed with Advanced Life Support medics. In addition to response to 911 emergency calls, our EMS team also transports non-emergency patients from Los Alamos Medical Center (LAMC) to other medical facilities.

The EMS Division Administration staff includes the Medical Director, Dr. Hammond who provides medical oversight and directs patient care via written protocols, Division Chief Christopher Bartlett who manages the daily operations, EMS Training Captain, Manuel Pacheco who manages the QA program and EMS training, and Ana Martinez who is the Senior Office Specialist for the division.

EMS Mission

The mission of the LAFD EMS Division is to provide the highest level of care achievable to our community. The EMS Division will address the concerns of our internal and external customers in order to achieve the best outcomes in patient survival and quality of life.

EMS Vision

The vision of the LAFD EMS Division is to achieve and maintain the highest level of patient care in the state of New Mexico and to be the recognized leader in the progressive field of EMS.

EMS Training

Each new hire attends a Fire Academy which includes an EMT certification course taught by advanced level EMS providers.

LAFD provides continuing EMS education for our health care providers every month. The Training Coordinator utilizes information from QA results, current research, and mandatory education requirements to determine the type of training needed and develops the training modules. Training consists of online and hands on practice. In addition, EMS Refresher classes, American Heart Association certification courses, and EMS conferences are provided.