Calculate My Taxes

Property Tax Heading

The Estimated Property Tax offers a “what if” scenario to assist you in estimating what your property taxes might be if you purchase or acquire a piece of property in Los Alamos County. It is important to note that this is an estimated property tax calculation based on the latest mill rate set by State and Local governments.

Our office offers a convenient way for you to calculate an estimate of your yearly property simply filling out an online form which can be used in most current browsers. The instructions for using the Estimated Tax Request Form(PDF, 416KB) are as follows:

Step 1.Fill in the Property and Requester Information sections.

Step 2.Choose whether your property is residential or non-residential (this form is defaulted to residential). For residential property, only one Head of Family exemption is allowed. Head of Family exemptions are not allowed for non-residential property.

Step 3.Choose the number of Veteran exemptions you have filed with the Assessor. For residential and non-residential property, up to 2 veteran's exemptions are allowed.

Step 4.Enter the Fair Market Value of your property in the "Listing Price/Market Value" box.

Step 5.Click on the Estimate button.

If you have questions regarding tax rates or tax laws, please contact the Los Alamos County Assessor's Office. The Estimated Tax Request form may require the use of Internet Explorer to calculate correctly.