Administrative Applications



Administrative Deviation(PDF, 1MB) :  An application for relatively minor modification from the dimensional or numeric standards of the Development Code. (i.e. Lot Area, Lot Coverage, Height, and Setbacks).
Administrative Wireless Telecommunication Facility(PDF, 1MB) : An application for any Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTF) that are: (a) Collocations on public utility poles; (b) Collocations on concealed WTFs; (c) Like-for-like antenna swap outs, back-up generators, and other minor site modifications to existing WTFs; and (d) New towers or antennas in non-residential zone districts.

Encroachment Permit:(PDF, 401KB) An application for construction of structures or site elements to encroach upon a public utility or drainage easement or public right-of-way owned by the County. 

Lighting Plan(PDF, 967KB):(PDF, 967KB) An application for a Lighting Plan for a building, subdivision, site plan, or outdoor lighting permit.

Minor Development Plan Amendment(PDF, 1MB)s:(PDF, 1MB) An application for any amendment to a previously approved Development Plan that changes site development standards at a threshold of not more than 10%. 

Minor Historic Demolition Permit(PDF, 2MB): An application for a demolition permit within a Historic Protection Overlay. 

Minor Historic Property Alteration Certificate:(PDF, 1MB) An application to alter the exterior appearance of any historical designated structure, new construction, or demolition within a designated Historic Protection Overlay; and/or any construction, alteration, relocation or demolition of any fence or other landscape feature included, without limitation, any deck, wall, berm, garden structure, exterior lighting, driveway, or landscaping that has the potential for affecting historic structures or features.

Minor Site Plan Amendment(PDF, 1MB): (PDF, 1MB)An application for any amendments to a previously approved Site Plan that does not change the use, function, or appearance of the development, or increase the gross floor area of previously approved buildings more than 20%, not to exceed a maximum of 5,000 square foot of gross floor area. 

Small Wireless Facilities Permit:(PDF, 467KB) An application for a Small Wireless Facilities Permit for placement in any right-of-way.

Summary Plat(PDF, 1MB):(PDF, 1MB) An application which seeks a technical surveying correction, a lot line adjustment, consolidate no more than two lots, or subdivide a lot into no more than two lots.

Temporary Use Permit(PDF, 565KB):(PDF, 551KB) An application for uses that are listed as temporary use as shown in Los Alamos Development Code, Table 26: Permitted Use Table, such as: mobile vending, mobile food vending, seasonal outdoor sales, and temporary storage.

Other Administrative Reviews:

Fence and Wall Permit:(PDF, 446KB) Required before constructing any wall or fence.

Small Accessory Structure Permits:(PDF, 160KB) Required before erecting an accessory structure building, specific to 200-sf, or less.

Manufactured Home Application Packet(PDF, 687KB):(PDF, 687KB) Required before placement to ensure compliance with zone district development and dimensional standards. Applicants should check with the State of New Mexico Construction Industries Division at (505) 476-4700 for any other required state permits. The term “Manufactured Home” does not include recreational vehicles (RVs) or modular or pre-manufactured homes built to Uniform Building Code standards, designed to be permanently affixed to real property. A Manufactured  Home includes any movable or portable housing structure over 12 ft in width and 40-ft in length, which is used for non-residential purposes.

Commercial Sign:(PDF, 171KB) Required before the installation or placement of any permanent sign, unless specifically exempt within the Los Alamos County, Development Code.

Temporary Sign Form(PDF, 5MB): A sign that will not be placed for longer than 60 consecutive days is considered temporary. Temporary Signs do not require a permit but must inform the county and meet the Temporary Sign requirements in Table 48 of the Los Alamos County Development Code. Temporary signs may only be placed on public lands or public rights-of-way in designated temporary signage zones. This includes Election Signs.

Fee Schedule(PDF, 319KB):(PDF, 319KB) The fee schedule for Planning Permits.