Leisure Lagoon FAQ's

  1. Is the pricing for the main pool and the Leisure Lagoon the same?: Yes

  2. Is the admission price the same, if I am not getting into the water?: Yes, all persons who enter the facility must pay the regular admission fee, regardless of intending to use the pool or not. Lesson and swim parents may enter the deck, but if found in the water without a wristband they will be informed by staff to exit the water and pay the admission fee at the front desk.

  3. Are reservations required for the Leisure Lagoon?: No, entry is on a first come first served basis.

  4. Can patrons switch between both pools?: Yes, during the same session. 

  5. Is there an age limit?: No; Infants and toddlers not toilet trained must wear swim diapers AND protective plastic diaper covers. Fecal accidents may cause the facility to closed from 60min - 24 hours. Therefore, frequent bathroom breaks are encouraged.

  6. Can Punch Passes and Annual Passes be used to enter the Leisure Lagoon?: Yes

  7. Can patrons leave the facility and come back?: Yes, however an admission fee will be charged for each entry.

  8. Are there dressing rooms and showers?: Yes. There are 2 showers on the deck of the Leisure Lagoon, next to the restrooms. There are 4 changing stalls, and 3 family changing restrooms.

  9. Are there lockers available for the Leisure Lagoon?: Yes, for $0.25 each use (locking & re-locking)

  10. Is there a time limit for the Leisure Lagoon?: No. Currently the Leisure Lagoon is open to the public Monday - Friday, from 11:00am - 3:00pm & 3:30pm - 6:30pm, and Saturdays from 12:00pm - 3:00pm. 

  11. When are birthday parties going to be allowed?: Due to staffing shortages, birthday parties are on hold and space is not available to rent.

  12. Is the Aquatic Center going have swim lessons?: At this time, we are experiencing a shortage of certified lifeguards (a national issue) in order to provide swim lessons/programs. As this changes, we will adjust the schedule accordingly.

  13. What is the water temperature in the Leisure Lagoon?: Between 85 & 86 degrees

  14. How deep is the Leisure Lagoon?: 3ft 6in

  15. What is the weight limit for the slide?: 300lbs

  16. Is there a height limit for the slide?: To ride the slide, patrons must be at least 48 inches tall.

  17. Are food and drinks allowed?: No

  18. Are phones allowed?: Yes; however the signal is weak.

  19. Are large outside floaties allowed?: No; Kick-boards and fins are also not allowed in the Leisure Lagoon.

  20. Are lifejackets available?: Yes

  21. What is the capacity of the Leisure Lagoon?: Currently, due to staffing shortages, the Leisure Lagoon is limited to 85 people in the space. There will be a coordinated effort between the lifeguards and the front desk.

  22. When the Leisure Lagoon reaches capacity, what should patrons do?: Patrons are welcome to wait in the lobby until other patrons leave, or come back during the Leisure Lagoon open hours.