Plans for Child Daycare Centers

Does YOUR Child's Day Program Have One?

Perhaps you send your children to a day care center, or your neighbor’s home; a Montessori or church-based pre-school. No matter what the program that occupies your children during the day or the summer, parents should be asking: what is the organization’s emergency plan?

Ask the director of the day program your children attend whether an emergency plan is in place. If they don’t have one, here are some resources that can help you help the program get a plan in place. Whether the day program involves 6 children or 600, the principles of emergency planning remain the same and can be adapted to suit the organization and its location.

An excellent resource document is Non-Structural Mitigation for Childcare Centers(PDF, 971KB) .

Excellent emergency planning resources for Day Care Centers, Child Care Centers and Pre-K Schools can be found at this New Jersey Office of Emergency Management site 

When school is in session, Los Alamos Public Schools has an emergency plan in place in the event of an emergency such as fire, hazmat, flood, or any other type of situation that could require sheltering children in place in the schools until the danger has passed.

Additionally, we recommend your facility purchase a NOAA weather radio and keep it on in your classroom or staff office. The National Weather Service will broadcast bulletins about local (Los Alamos/Santa Fe Counties) emergencies of any kind.