File A Protest


2023 Notices of Value are mailed on March 31st 2023

Filing a petition of protest provides you an opportunity to show that the value placed on your property by the County Assessor is either inaccurate or unfair. Reasons for filing a petition of protest might include:

  • You feel the market value of your property is too high and you have evidence showing that similar properties have sold for less than the estimated market value of your property.
  • You’ve noticed that there may be some inaccuracies pertaining to your property records. You have a carport rather than a garage, your basement is unfinished, not finished. The heated area of your home is 1,200, rather 1,600 square feet.
  • You feel the assessor’s record of acreage or square footage of your land is incorrect.
  • You feel the classification or allocation of value on your property is incorrect, or you have been denied an exemption.

In many cases, a petition of protest may not be necessary. If you feel your property assessment is incorrect, the first thing to do is speak with one of our friendly staff members and explain why you feel your value is incorrect. If after speaking with a representative from our office, you remain convinced that your value is still incorrect, you may file a petition of protest by:

Step 1.Filing a signed petition of protest

Filing a signed petition of protest by mail, fax, e-mail or in person with the County Assessor no later than 30 days after the mailing of your notice of value, which usually occurs on or before April 1st or each year.

Step 2.Filing a claim for refund

Filing a claim for refund in District Court after paying the first installment of taxes due. You cannot file a petition of protest and a claim for refund in the same year.

The Los Alamos County Assessor’s Office maintains a well-trained, knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to provide you with any information within their means to assist you in the protest process.

Protest Form(PDF, 86KB)