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There are programs available within Los Alamos County that may assist residents with weatherization expenses. This page provides an overview of current programming.


The items listed below are examples of the types of services that could be provided for weatherization practices. These items are specifically listed on the Housing New Mexico webpage, but are generally the same across various programs.


• Attic insulation

• Wall insulation

• Crawlspace insulation

• Duct insulation

Heating and Cooling

• Thermostat controls

• Heating and cooling repair and/or replacement

• Duct repair and sealing

Air Leakage Reduction

• Repair or replacement of broken glass

• Door thresholds, door sweeps and weather-stripping

• Sealing and caulking of interior cracks, holes and crevices throughout the home to prevent air flow to and from the outside

• Exterior door/window repair; possible replacement

• Fireplace dampers

• Duct sealing

Health and Safety

• Stove pipe repair/replacement

• Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Furnace repair/replacement

• Water heater repair/replacement

• Ventilation fans

• Appliance testing for combustion gases

Base Load Measures

• LED light bulbs

• New energy efficient refrigerators

• Water heater insulation blankets

• Water heater pipe insulation

• Low flow showerheads and aerators

Incidental Repairs

• Lumber to frame or repair windows and doors

• Minor roofing materials to patch or repair leaks

• Minor electrical repair

• Venting replacement for water heaters and furnaces



Residential Income Qualified

New Mexico Energy$mart Weatherization Assistance Program

Applicable for owners and renters (with permission).


Income guidelines are based on size of family unit and income level. For families of 1 to 8, see below. For families with more than eight persons, add $10,760 for each additional person. 


Family Unit  Income Level 
1 $30,120
2 $40,880
4 $62,400
5 $73,160
6 $83,920
7 $94,680
8 $105,440


 Central New Mexico Housing Corporation -
New Mexico Energy$mart Weatherization Assistance Program


 NM Energy$mart  Application


 Generally, once accepted into the program, a weatherization technician will conduct an energy audit as well as evaluate related health and safety conditions. Weatherization crews install the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures and inform occupants how to maintain the installed measures.



Los Alamos County Home Renewal Program (LAHRP)

Must be a Los Alamos County homeowner occupant or have an executed home purchase contract contingent on HRP financing. For an emergency repair, a homeowner may apply at any time during the year. Be able to complete improvements in 120 days after Notice to Proceed Exceed minimum credit scores Fall under maximum debt-to-income ratio Have a household income less than the income limits shown on the income limit table Have no delinquent property taxes, utility bills, or mortgage payments Have no bankruptcy within three years Continue to live in the home after improvements are complete. Loan becomes due if you sell or vacate the home.


 LAHRP Information


 LAHRP Application



Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP assists eligible persons and families with their heating and cooling costs. When in crisis, LIHEAP (Human Services Department) can help you faster if you:
  • have disconnected utility service
  • have a disconnect notice (provide copy)
  • are almost out of wood, propane or other bulk fuels


 LIHEAP Information

Federal LIHEAP Information


 LIHEAP Application




Tax credit (10% of cost up to $500)
Principal residence
NO new construction or renters
CURRENT DEADLINE: December 31, 2022

Residential energy property costs: air source heat pumps; central air conditioning (CAC); gas, propane or oil hot water boiler; gas, propane or oil furnaces and fans; water heaters (non-solar); and advanced main air circulating fan

Qualified improvements (does not cover cost of installation): insulation, roofs (metal and asphalt); windows, doors and skylights


 ENERGYSTAR Information


Residential Energy Credits IRS Form 5695

Form 5695 Instructions


Be sure you are purchasing a qualifying product per the tax credit requirements. Some programs may require specific installation instructions as well.

Seal and insulate with ENERGYSTAR

Windows, doors and skylightswith ENERGYSTAR



Sustainable Building Tax Credit (SBTC)

The incentive provides for both affordable and non-affordable housing, with commercial and residential affordable buildings qualifying for 100% of the product cost up to $3,000 with non-affordable building eligibility cut to 50% and limited to $1,500.

Applicants installed energy-conserving products (including certain air source and ground source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, windows, doors, insulation upgrades and electric vehicle charging equipment) on existing buildings.

New construction, renovated existing commercial buildings or ENERGYSTAR certified manufactured home application is coming soon!


SBTC Information

SBTC Personal Income Taxes Rules

SBTC Corporate Income Taxes Rules


 SBTC Certificate Application

SBTC Instructions


 Multifamily Information on multifamily weatherization assistance programs is currently quite limited. We will update if and when more information becomes available.


Contracted 2019-2022.
Post-2022 contractor unknown at this time.




A tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot is available to owners or designers of commercial buildings or systems that demonstrate a 50% reduction in energy usage accomplished solely through improvements to the heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and interior lighting systems. Partial deductions of up to $0.60 per square foot can be taken for qualifying measures.

Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code allows for energy-efficient commercial buildings. These tax deductions were made permanent under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

The IRS requires that you use a qualified software program to model your energy usage. See a list of qualifiedsoftwarefor calculating energy savings.


 ENERGYSTAR Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings



Sustainable Building Tax Credit (SBTC)

The incentive provides for both affordable and non-affordable housing,with commercial and residential affordable buildings qualifying for 100% of the product cost up to $3,000 with non-affordable building eligibility cut to 50% and limited to $1,500.

Renovated existing commercial building application coming soon.


Sustainable Building Tax Credit (SBTC) through NM Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

SBTC Corporate Income Taxes Rules


 SBTC Certificate Application

SBTC Instructions





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