Los Alamos begins Bee City USA Affiliate designation

Published on January 22, 2024

Native New Mexican bee on a yellow flower

Los Alamos County Council adopted Resolution 24-02(PDF, 1MB) on January 9, 2024, which begins the process of designating our community as a Bee City USA affiliate. When completed, Los Alamos will join 380 cities and campuses around the United States who wish to make their communities better places for pollinators. 

With the adopted Resolution, 

  1. The County recognizes the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) as the host and facilitator organization for the Los Alamos Bee City USA program and the Los Alamos Bee City Committee ("Committee").
  2. PEEC is designated as the BEE CITY USA sponsor.
  3. Kristen O'Hara, PEEC's Director of Interpretation, is designated as the BEE CITY USA liaison.
  4. The County shall have a staff representative on the Committee.
  5. The Committee is encouraged to accomplish the following:
    • Celebration: Host at least one educational event or pollinator habitat planting or restoration each year to showcase County's commitment to raising awareness of pollinator conservation and expanding pollinator health and habitat.
    • Publicity and Information: Install and maintain at least one authorized BEE CITY USA street sign in a prominent location, and create and maintain a webpage on PEEC's website which includes, at minimum, a copy of this Resolution and links to the national BEE CITY USA website; contact information for the BEE CITY USA Liaison and Committee; reports of the pollinator-friendly activities the community has accomplished the previous year(s); and the recommended native plant species list and integrated pest management plan (explained below).
    • Habitat: Develop and implement a program to create or expand pollinator-friendly habitat on public and private land, which includes, but is not limited to, identifying and inventorying County's real property that can be enhanced with pollinator-friendly plantings; creating a recommended locally native plant list to include wildflowers, grasses, vines, shrubs, and trees; a list of local suppliers for those species; and, tracking (by square footage and/or acreage) the annual area of pollinator habitat created or enhanced.
    • Pollinator-Friendly Pest Management: Adhere to County's IPM plan (Index #1330), which is designed to prevent pest problems and reduce pesticide use.
  6. Renewal: After completing the first calendar year as a BEE CITY USA affiliate, each February, apply for renewal of County's BEE CITY USA designation following the format provided by BEE CITY USA.
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