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The Sheriff's office maintains the Sex Offender Registry National Act. We are pleased to provide Offender Watch® Sex Offender Search and app for citizens of Los Alamos County.

Portrait of Sheriff Jason Wardlow-Herrera

The duties of the Sheriff are contained within the County Code, article iii, Administration & Organization, under section 300, as shown in the excerpt below and in relation to the Police Department: 304.4.

Duties of the Sheriff, Police Department and Peace Officers.
The Council shall establish as a department of the County, a Police Department to be charged with conserving the peace and enforcing the laws of the state and the ordinances of the County. The Sheriff shall have those powers and duties assigned to sheriffs by state statutes, including the powers of a peace officer, but the Sheriff shall not duplicate or perform those duties in this charter or by ordinance or resolution assigned or delegated to the County's Police Department.

The Sheriff's Office manages the Sex Offender National Registry using Offender Watch®.

Law Enforcement Tools

Offender Watch® is a registered sex offender management and notification tool.

  1. Monitor whereabouts of registrants.
  2. Manage and track conduct of registrants.
  3. Monitor and manage compliance of registrants

Citizen Tools: Search and App

You can use the online search or download the app from Offender Watch.

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    You can use the Sex Offender Search online. 
  2. Or you can download the app from Offender Watch®.

Offender Watch App





Civil Processes are served by the Los Alamos Police Department.

Please contact the Records Division
2500 Trinity Drive, Suite A
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 663-1741