Women's Dormitory Building Renovations

  • Project valueCouncil appropriated a budget of $350,000.00

    Los Alamos County Capital Projects held a neighborhood meeting on May 2, 2024 to discuss the Zoning Amendment Request. Attached is the Presentation(PDF, 4MB) that was shared by the architect.


    The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) suggested conducting an archeological study of the location outside the building for a new standalone restroom. Staff are reviewing the project budget to determine if the study can be accommodated. The building was vandalized with several windows broken. Windows have since been boarded and additional security measures implemented. Work on a site plan / utility plan is ongoing. 

    Scope of Work:

    •      Assessment, Design and Historic Registration Services – Mullen-Heller Architecture
      • Assess the former Women's Dormitory facility (most recently the Christian Science Church),  Work to include the building envelope, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/suppression systems and other work
      • Assist with conducting public meetings with stakeholders that include the neighboring residents, National Park Service, Forest Service, Visitors Center, Manhattan National Historic Park, Historic Preservation Advisory Board and other boards (to be determined), Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office and others for potential uses of the building.
      • Documentation of the current condition of the building and then document changes made during design and construction for National Registration as an Historic site.

    Construction Project:

    • Once the assessment, design, and documentation of current conditions and public input and involvement meetings are completed, work to improve the project will be bid and awarded by County Council.
    • Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2024.
    • Register the facility at the National, State, and Local levels.


    • Assessment, Design, and documentation services are expected to continue into 2024
    • Construction is expected to begin in late 2024





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