Utility Assistance Program

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The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) recognizes that any increase in a utility bill, no matter how small, may have a large impact on people who may be experiencing an unexpected hardship, are living on a fixed income, or struggle financially to pay even basic bills. If you find yourself in a position where you are having trouble paying your utility bill, we'd like to help! Through voluntary support from our generous community and customers, we are able to offer financial assistance to those who qualify through our Utilities Assistance Program (UAP). 


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The UAP provides:
  • seasonal monthly assistance to qualified, low-income residential customers of the DPU between October 1 and March 31,
  • year-round monthly assistance to citizens over age 65 or other account holders who are qualified through the Social Security Administration for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and
  • one-time assistance to account holders who demonstrate need due to unforeseen and unusual circumstances.

Step 1.Please Read Utilities Rule GR-18 First

Before continuing with an application, please read the complete Rule GR-18, which fully outlines details of the program, amount of assistance provided, qualification requirements, and the procedure for allocating assistance.  Since funding is provided voluntarily through contributions, assistance will be provided only as long as funding is available. 

Rule GR-18 Utilities Assistance Program (PDF)(PDF, 133KB)

Step 2.What Documentation Must I Provide?

The DPU will verify income levels by requesting copies of tax returns, pay stubs, or other suitable documentation noted on the applications.  Additionally, for one-time assistance, you will be asked to provide documentation to support your statement of need.  Applicants should be aware that documents submitted may be subject to release under the inspection of public records act (IPRA).  Personal Identifier Information and tax information will be redacted to the extent allowable under IPRA regulations before release. 

Step 3.Questions?

If you aren't sure if you qualify or are confused about any of the information found in Rule GR-18 or on this website, please contact the Customer Care Center at CustomerCare@lacnm.us or (505) 662-8333.




Step 1.Seasonal & Year-Round Assistance

To qualify for general monthly assistance--both seasonal and year-round--the household income of the applicant must be below 50% of the median household income for Los Alamos County, which includes all of Los Alamos County.  The Department will verify income levels by requesting copies  of tax returns, pay stubs or other suitable documentation as noted in the application.  

$135,801 x 50% = $67,900.  Does your annual household income, including all additional sources, exceed this threshold?

Assistance provided will be up to 30% of the customer's average bill for consumption of water, gas, electric and sewer during the previous winter months of October through March, with a maximum of $125.00 assistance per month and a minimum of $15.00 assistance per month for those who qualify.  The monthly credit will be limited by the customer's total bill for utilities services for each individual month.  If the customer does not have a previous winter use history at the subject residence, staff will estimate appropriate assistance based on relevant comparative information.  

The annual assistance period will be October 1 through March 31 of each year, or October 1 through the following September 30 for year-round assistance.  A new application will be required each year.  In September, the DPU will determine eligibility for winter or year-round assistance and calculate the maximum allocation for each applicant.  


Step 2.One-Time Assistance for Financial Hardship

A single lump sum assistance credit may be applied to a qualified customer's bill if they have a demonstrated need due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., layoff, illness, major household repairs, etc.) and are in danger of their utility services being turned off for non-payment.  

The required statement of income, anticipated expenses and statement of need can be submitted through the online form below.  

Lump sum payments will generally only be granted once per incident and only after all other assistance programs have been pursued.  The maximum amount will be $350.00.  Each individual case will be judged on its own merit.  After reviewing the application and documents provided, staff will make a recommendation for final approval by the Deputy Utilities Manager for Finance and Administration.





The Utilities Assistance Program (UAP) is made possible through the generous and voluntary monetary support from customers like you. These contributions are essential to funding the program, as Los Alamos County and DPU cannot put money into the program per the State of New Mexico's anti-donation clause. As of October 2023, this program is seeing greater need than the current rate of contributions will cover over the long term. With your help, we will ensure this program continues to assist our customers in need! Your support is more important now than ever before, whether it's through singular or recurring donations. 


Bar chart showing UAP contributions vs. assistance provided. In the past two years, assistance has outweighed contributions.


Step 1.One-Time Support

You can contribute to the UAP fund when paying your utility bill by adding your gift onto the payment stub and including it in your total payment. 

Step 2.Monthly Support

You can support the UAP fund on a regular basis by adding a UAP line item onto your monthly utility bills at the link below. 

By setting up recurring support in this way, your utility bill serves as a record of your donation.

Step 3.Shop to Benefit UAP

DPU's four utility mascots are featured on a variety of apparel and merchandise on DPU's store on Zazzle. All profits from sales of DPU merchandise are directed to the UAP fund. 

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