Inflation Reduction Act Information

Where Do I Start
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) covers a LOT of stuff. Here are some resources to shed some light.

Clean Energy for All

On this web page from the White House, you can find out which programs are available to you so you can benefit from American made clean energy. You can also sign up to receive updates on opportunities.

All in on Building Decarbonization in the Age of the Inflation Reduction Act

Take a look at this PDF from America Is All In. Ambitious action is needed to usher in a future of clean and healthy buildings, and with a recent influx of government funding, there has never been a better time to act.


Check your eligibility estimates

Credits vs. Rebates: all are based on area median income

Chart of Efficiency Upgrades Tax Credits Listing of Electrification Rebates with Items, Amounts, and Timeline

Other non-IRA rebate programs:
  • Residential - HB15 (replaces SBTC)           
  • Residential - DSIRE          
  • Residential - Energy Star               
  • Commercial - DSIRE        
  • Commercial - Energy Star


Do some thoughtful planning

Important time considerations:

  • IRA credits are available now. IRA rebates are expected mid-to-late 2023.
  • IRA runs for 10 years.
  • Some components are one-time credits.
  • Other components can be used multiple years.

Some considerations to think about:

  • Look at the age of your major appliances (heat source, water heater and stove)
  • Do any envelope features need replacement due to age, damage, wear or lacking? Think about windows, doors, and insulation in attic and crawl spaces.
  • Are parts of your living space cold (or hot) regardless of the setting on the thermostat?
  • Borrow a thermal camera from the Los Alamos library system's Library of Things to look for drafts.
  • What are your priorities? Efficiency? Savings? Comfort? Health? Safety?

Key Programs of IRA:

  1. High Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA)
  2. Energy Efficient Home Improvement credit (25C)
  3. New Energy Efficient Home credit (45L)
  4. Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient credit (179D)
  5. Clean Vehicle credit (30D)
  6. Residential Clean Energy credit (25D)
  7. Improving Energy Efficiency and Water Efficiency or Climate Resilience in Affordable Housing (formerly known as GREAHT Act)
  8. Tribal Electrification Program
  9. Zero Building Energy Code Adoption
  10. Home Energy Performance-Based, Whole-House Rebate Program (HOMES)

Visit this Rewiring America page for more details on each of the programs above.

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More planning resources:



DPU has compiled many resources to assist you in your research.

Click here for a full list of resources under the following categories:

  • General overview
  • Electrification
  • Solar and battery storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Heating and cooling
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Heat pump dryers
  • Induction cooking
  • Electric panels


Install and file

Here(PDF, 400KB) is a list of contractors with Los Alamos County Business Licenses (LAC)

Your contractor should be aware of all permits that will be needed (LAC)

Here is a list of suggested questions to ask regarding any HVAC work (Electrify Now)

IRS information


County and state permits: general overview

County and state permits listing