Overpass Banner Permits

The Customer Care Center oversees and issues permits to place banners on the Diamond Drive overpasses. There is no fee associated with banner permits. Contact the Customer Care Center at 505.662.8333 to obtain a permit.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a size limit on civic banners?

Banners will be limited in size so that they do not become visually obtrusive or limit the opportunity for the placement of other banners. Banners should not exceed the dimensions of 12 feet in length and 4 feet in height.

Does a banner have to be hung in a specific location?

Graphic map showing the overpass bridges crossing Diamond Dr. and visibility of sign when driving north or south. Yes, banners are permitted for a specific location on the overpass. The overpasses are identified as Gym or Civic and the permit identifies a specific location and direction (e.g. Gym South 4). Permit Stickers must be visible on the banner.



What is the specified amount of time a banner can be displayed?

The following time restrictions apply:

  • Reservation cannot be made more than three (3) months in advance
  • No more than 14 days in a row in one location
  • No more than six (6) banners per organization per calendar year


Are there restriction on banner materials?

Banners should be made from durable cloth or plastic materials which will easily withstand the natural elements. Paper, metal, wood or other solid materials which may be easily torn or separated from the banner or which could potentially cause damage to passing vehicles or pedestrians are prohibited. Banners should be constructed with hardware which allows them to be securely and safely attached to the pedestrian overpass or other street fixtures. Banners should be provided with metal or reinforced cloth eyelets at each corner. The County will have the final authority to determine whether any banner complies with the adopted standards and whether the banner may be displayed within the public right-of-way.

What code authorizes the overpass banner permitting process?

Los Alamos County Code of Ordinances Section 16-409(3) Civic banners. Temporary banners announcing community events, festivals or activities of civic interest may be erected within the county right-of-way at the specific locations designated by the County Council. Such signs are limited to nonprofit groups or organizations advertising events or activities open to the general public. Permits for civic banners must be obtained from the County. The County shall establish standards and policies for the placement of civic banners.

The County Council approved the following scheduling process on February 26, 1990:

The County Administrator will assign responsibility for the scheduling and reserving of civic banner display dates. Reservations of banner space will be permitted. Banner applicants will be required to provide the County with information on the proposal and sign an indemnification statement which releases the County from any potential liability associated with the placement, removal and display of banners in the public right-of-way. Applicants will be responsible for the placement and removal of Civic Banners. In cases where banners are not removed within the required deadline, the County may remove the banner at the expense of the applicant. The County shall not be responsible for any damage to or theft of banners which has occurred during the period of time they were displayed within the County right-of-way.


Am I responsible for damages caused by the sign or banner?

The applicant shall be totally responsible for all damages that might occur in connection with the placement, display, or removal of the sign or banner, including injury to persons or damage to private or public property. The applicant shall be responsible for all costs involved in the installation and removal of the sign or banner, including restoration of the overpass to its previous condition in the event of damage caused by use of the overpass for displaying the sign or banner.

What happens if I don’t remove my banner at the end of the permit period?

You are expected to remove your banner from the overpass bridge at the end of your rental period. If it is not removed, the next renter or County staff may take it down. If banners are turned in to the Customer Care Center, they may be claimed within three days, otherwise they will be thrown away. Los Alamos County is not responsible for banners, regardless of who removes them.

When you take your banner down no later than the last date noted on the permit, please be sure to remove all rope, string, wire ties, etc., used to hang your banner.