Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas

A Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) is a zone designated by a city or county for economic and physical reinvestment. These areas, approved by a city or county council, must exhibit signs of disinvestment such as vacant or underutilized properties, substandard buildings, or insufficient infrastructure. The designation aims to prioritize these zones for redevelopment to stimulate growth and improve community conditions.

The MRA Plan identifies specific redevelopment projects that, when implemented, can boost business and community activities. By utilizing tools enabled by the MRA, such as tax breaks, land purchases, fee waivers, and financial incentives, the plan supports projects that make neighborhoods more welcoming, beautiful, accessible, and functional. In Los Alamos County, the East Downtown MRA focuses on revitalizing neglected areas, while the White Rock Town Center MRA addresses inadequate housing and aging infrastructure. These initiatives ensure public resources can support private projects, fostering tangible community benefits and revitalization.

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