White Rock Visitor Center Outdoor Bathrooms

  • Project typeConstruction Project
  • Project value$1,670,000
  • Project scheduleProject will be complete by June 2024
  • Contractor namePluma LLC

On January 10th, Pluma LLC was awarded the contract for the White Rock Visitor Center Outside Bathrooms and Pavilion.  The scope of work includes the construction of outdoor restrooms and pavilion facilities at the White Rock Visitor Center. The project is slated to start February 2024 with final completion of the project in June 2024.

On going work for footing and slab preparation. Work to cap abandoned utility lines was completed. The contractor is behind schedule. County staff is following closely progression of work and has communicated this to the contractor’s PM.

This project provides maintenance and improvements to existing infrastructure which supports the Council Strategic Goal of investing in infrastructure asset management. 




Contact details

Public Works Department
Manuel Martinez, Project Manager


115 State Road 4, White Rock, NM 87547  View Map

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