Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

  • Project typeDesign of a State-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center
  • Project value$100,000 - Design
  • Project scheduleOctober 2023 - January 2024
  • Contractor nameLloyd and Associates Architects

The Los Alamos County EOC is responsible for carrying out the principles of emergency preparedness and emergency management, or disaster management at a strategic level during an emergency and ensuring the continuity of operations for Los Alamos County. This project and location were assessed based on these responsibilities.

The scope of work is to plan and design a state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Fire Station 3 to serve as a command center for coordinating and managing emergency incidents, and to facilitate efficient emergency response coordination. The architect will conduct a preliminary assessment, present up to three (3) conceptual designs and create a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM). 

The project supports three of Council's Strategic Goals; Quality of Life, Improve the preparedness and emergency operations for coordinating and managing emergency incidents. Quality governance, Inform, educate, and engage community on emergency preparedness and disaster management and Operational excellence, Maintain and protect County’s assets and citizen emergency preparedness.  

Preliminary design work continues. Capital Projects gave a presentation to County Council on March 26, for approval to apply for a FEMA Grant to secure design and construction funding.

Emergency Services Commander is preparing the FEMA grant application.




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Russell Naranjo


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