MUNIS Launches July 1
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MUNIS Launches July 1
Posted on 06/29/2018

What is MUNIS? 

It’s the County’s new and improved software consolidating utilities, financial, human resources, purchasing and procurement processes into one comprehensive system! 

What will residents experience? 

Most of the changes will be transparent to residents, although a positive, visible change will be an improved on-line job application process that allows applicants to create one user profile with the ability to tailor and submit applications for multiple job openings across the County, saving the applicant valuable time and streamlining HR processes, with better tracking capability.

See the new HR on line job application here starting July 1.

Other improvements for County employees using MUNIS to provide better customer service include:

• Better real-time financial data for managers

• Consolidation of antiquated, stand-alone systems into one, fully integrated software solution

• A more cost-effective, long-term solution which the County will be able to sustain, use, leverage, support and upgrade into the future

• Improved quality and accessibility of information for department decision-making

• Centralized processing and new, improved work flows for better tracking within and between departments

• Electronic signature processing and an overall reduction in paper archives with improved abilities to scan and save documents 

We’re excited to share this new system with the community! 

However, wait times for processing may be slightly longer for some customer interactions as we transition. Please be patient with our front-line employees who will be working hard to research and enter your requests into the new system.  

Thanks in advance for your patience and support – and watch for more exciting news about phased roll-outs of MUNIS that will provide even greater customer service benefits and government transparency/data accessibility coming soon!

For additional info about Utility bills, the DPU mobile app, or other DPU specific changes, link to the DPU page or call Customer Care at 662-8333.