CIP Poll open until March 9
Capital improvement projects (CIP) poll open until March 9
Posted on 02/24/2023
Los Alamos County Manager Steven Lynne hosted two town halls this week to update residents on the County’s existing capital improvement projects and to request feedback on the level of importance for 10 potential projects that would add new assets to the County’s portfolio, such as community broadband, or a tween center. 

Those in attendance were invited to take a quick poll at to prioritize the importance of the 10 projects. Lynne noted that the poll will remain open until 11:59 PM March 9, 2023 for others in the community to weigh in. These 10 projects do not include maintenance of existing facilities, as County policy and the Council’s 2023 Strategic Leadership Plan already dictate that maintenance projects take higher priority over adding new assets. 

This poll, combined with the results from the recent 2022 National Community SurveyTM and the 2022 Integrated Master Plan Survey, will be used by county staff to plan and prepare the fiscal year 2024 budget and forecast capital improvement projects over the next five to seven years.

To view the presentation materials and the recorded meetings visit