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Apply for the Greenhouse Gas Committee
Posted on 12/29/2020
NEW Greenhouse Gas Council Committee:
Seeking Letters of Interest from Community Members to Participate
Los Alamos County (LAC) is seeking letters of interest to appoint up to 9 community members who will be chartered with developing a Los Alamos plan to combat or minimize the effects of Greenhouse Gas (GHG). The charter is currently being developed; however, based upon Council discussions with an interested Citizen's Committee at the Dec. 15 Council Meeting, is expected to include provisions that address:
  • Understanding options for addressing climate change and what might offer the best, cost effective path forward within budget and staffing constraints in Los Alamos, including consolidation of various plans in place within the County for greater benefit and more effective implementation
  • How best to utilize or seek legislative appropriations, loans and/or grants toward identified costs to implement the GHG plan
  • Providing input for making recommendations, based on facilitated public meetings to seek input from the community, about the GHG plan, prior to it being presented to the Council
  • Participating in committee meetings to review materials provided by hired consultants and County staff related to: current plans, current conditions. best practices, plans from other similar sized communities successfully addressing GHG, and other procured services needed to make informed decisions in developing a draft plan for Council's consideration.
The deadline for letters of interest is Monday, Jan. 18 at 5:00 p.m. and is open to any County residents. Letters should be one or two pages and explain background and qualifications, name of company or business (if applicable) and why the resident believes they would be a good selection to serve on the new GHG Committee. 

The committee will sunset at the end of 2021 with results going to Council at the end of their term. 
To learn more, download the petition.
Or, watch the video on demand of the Dec. 15 Council meeting and citizen presentation on GHG here:

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