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2023 Board of Registration Completes Review of Voter Registration Records
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Pursuant to NMSA 1-4-28.E, the Board of Registration met on Monday, March 6, 2023, to review a “purge list” of eligible voters, generated by the NM Secretary of State, based upon an unbiased confirmation mailing that was sent out to inactive and National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) flagged voters in August 2020. 

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It is important that our voters are receiving accurate election information. County Clerk Maestas would like to remind voters that the Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office is your trusted, credible, and verified source for election information.

We will continue to promote #TrustedInfo via our social media outlets, which encourages voters to go directly to election officials websites and verified social media pages to ensure that they are getting accurate information. Through this initiative, we will continue to inform voters about the election process, voter registration, voting, and much more. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your election information.  



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VOTER REGISTRATION CLOSES on October 10th, 2023..!

Voter registration books close preceding the 2023 Regular Local Election on October 10th. Residents who are not registered, have moved or changed their mailing address can submit a voter registration by mail or apply online at  www.NMVote.org.

NOTICE: If you are registering for the first time in New Mexico, and you submit the registration form by mail, then you must submit with the form a copy of (1) a current and valid photo identification; or (2) a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student identification card or other government document, including identification issued by an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo that shows your name and current address. If you do not submit one of these forms of identification with your mailed-in, first time registration, then you would be required to present one of the forms of identification when voting in person or absentee.


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