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Department of Public Utilities Rule GR-16 allows customers to opt-out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  Before submitting the form below, please read the complete rule in the PDF below.  

Opt-out of AMI 

Submit an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Opt-out Request

Dept. of Public Utilities GR-16 RULE

Download the complete GR-16 Rule (PDF)


A. The opt out election will be offered to the account holder, regardless of ownership or occupancy of the particular location under the following conditions:

1)  A customer may opt out by submitting a completed “Election to Opt Out” form to the Utility’s Customer Care Center.

2)  Should a customer elect to opt out, the functionality of the meters and modules to collect and transmit incremental usage data will be disabled, and no such data will be collected or retained by the Utility.   Billing data will be collected and used for account management and billing purposes only, typically monthly.

3)  Customers electing to opt out will not have access to their usage information in real time.

4)  Account management features enabled by Advanced Metering Infrastructure will not be available to customers who have opted out.

5)  Alternative rate structures that may be implemented and that utilize the detailed incremental consumption data that advanced metering can provide will not be available to customers who opt out.

6)  Meters will be read, typically monthly, at the customer’s location by Utility staff for billing or account management purposes.

7)  No additional fees or penalties will be assessed to customers who elect to opt out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

B. If a customer does not elect to opt out when first advised of the opportunity to do so, but later decides they wish to opt out, they may do so by contacting the Utility Customer Care Center staff and submitting the “Election to Opt Out” form.  The functionality of the metering equipment to record and transmit incremental usage data will be disabled within ten business days of receiving such request from the customer.

C. If a customer does elect to opt out but later decides they wish to cancel this election, they may do so by contacting the Customer Care Center and retracting their previously executed “Election to Opt 
Out” form. 

D. If a customer that chose to opt out at a specific location vacates their service location, the opt out election of the customer moving out will not automatically be transferred to a new location in the Department’s service area.  The customer moving must submit a new election for the new location if that customer wishes to continue to opt out of participation in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure program.