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Ice Rink Improvements (Design Phase)

Project Purpose and Scope:

The consultant will provide design services for the Ice Rink Improvements (to include new locker room facilities and existing building remodel).  Project will demolish the existing wood structure housing Locker Rooms 3, 4 and Referee changing area, and the Ice Rink operations storage area; remodel the restroom areas incorporating Locker Rooms 1 and 2 and making it an expanded restroom facility; construct 6 player and one referee locker room and Ice Rink operations storage on the site of the current wood structure; replace the existing rooftop furnace with a larger and more efficient unity to carry the restroom area, warming house and new locker facility; add Fire Alerting system to the Warming Building  and Restrooms, new locker facility and the Zamboni and Equipment building on the east side of the rink area.

Phase 1A – Conceptual Design – stakeholder kickoff meeting – develop two locker room concepts in coordination with stakeholders. Stakeholders include Parks and Rec Board, Ice Rink Advisory Subcommittee, and Project Staff.

Phase 1B – Schematic Design – develop preliminary design and cost estimates.

Phase II – Design Development - (60% and 90% design plans.
Phase III – Construction Documents - (100% plans and specifications for bid). 

Project Manager - Wayne Kohlrust

Canyon Rim Trail Phase 3 (Design Phase)

Extension of the Canyon Rim Trail from Knecht Street to the 20th Street Extension.

The Canyon Rim Trail is a 10’ wide multi-use asphalt trail that begins near Camino Entrada and runs along Los Alamos Canyon to the west. Currently it ends at Knecht Street with an on-street connection. The project would extend this trail to the 20th Street Extension where it will meet up with an already constructed 10’ wide concrete trail connection to the Trinity Drive/20th Street intersection. This trail extension is part of the “High Priority Corridor” discussed within the 2017 Bicycle Transportation Plan approved by County Council.

Canyon Rim Trail Phase III Map.

Current Status: Preliminary Design and easement/parcel acquisition.

Project Budget: 1.3 Million

Tentative Project Schedule:

Easement/Parcel Acquisition Completion: In process.

Final Design: Will follow parcel acquisition. 

Construction: TBD

Project Manager: Desirae Lujan, P.E., Senior Engineer, 662-8150

Kiddie / Multi-generational Pool (Design Phase)

Project Purpose and Scope:

This is for the design portion of the Kiddie Pool project.

The Kiddie Pool Project is an addition to the existing Larry Walkup Aquatics Center that will better serve swimmers that are not lap swimming. Features include a zero-entry pool with water spray features and mini slide for toddlers, a shallow pool for swim lessons and programming, a lazy river, and a water slide with a total of 2,000 square feet of pool area. Also included in the conceptual design is three family locker rooms, pool deck, chemical storage, and mechanical rooms to support the Kiddie Pool addition.

An architecture/engineering firm has been selected through RFP for perform the design. The study presented to Council for approval and funding established bounds for this facility including location, type of pools, major features, locker rooms and support rooms. The public and stakeholders will have input into this project with the understanding that these bounds are set for the project. The Aquatics Center Advisory Sub-Committee (ACAS), the Parks and Recreation Board (PRB), and the public will have input into the project at their respective board meetings. Stakeholders which includes Aquatics Staff, Community Services, Project Management and Public Works will be involved closely with the design team with regular input into the design process. The conceptual design phase will start with readdressing the architectural program and conceptual design with the stakeholders to get more specific requirements for the facility. The typical phases of design will be performed through the completion of the construction documents. A commissioning agent will be also engaged by the County that will perform a third-party peer review of the architectural/engineering teams work.


Schematic (30%) Design Input will be presented August  28, 2019 5:30p.m. at Fuller Lodge.

Project Manager: Steve Huebner

PiƱon Park Splash Pad (Design Phase)

Project Purpose & Scope
The selected consultant shall provide design and construction administration services for a Splash Pad at Piñon Park, 10 Sherwood Blvd. White Rock, NM.

Phase 1-A Conceptual Design- by July 18, 2019.
Phase 1-B Schematic Design- by August 28, 2019.
Phase II Design Development- by November 7, 2019.
Phase III Construction Documents- by March 5, 2020.
Phase IV Construction Administration- TBD after procurement.

Project Manager - Harold Anthony Strain 

Canyon Rim Trail Underpass (Design Phase)

The Canyon Rim Trail Underpass will connect the trailhead on the south side of NM 502 to Camino Entrada on the north side with a concrete box structure beneath NM 502.

Wilson & Company will provide trail improvements, underpass selection, traffic control phasing and cost estimates for the Canyon Rim Trail Underpass design. Final design is estimated for September 2018.

Please feel free to email us at with questions, or concerns.

Golf Course Improvements (Design Phase)

Project Purpose and Scope

The selected consultant shall provide design and construction administration services for design and replacement of the current irrigation system for the Los Alamos County Golf Course.

Schematic Design- by August 28, 2019.

Project Manager - Harold Anthony Strain

Diamond Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Project

Diamond Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Project:

The following Press Release was issued on July 18, 2019.

The summary of work is as follows, but is not limited to:
Milling and overlay of the roadway surface from San Ildefonso Road to the Omega Bridge. Minimal full-depth reconstruction at select locations on Diamond Drive as identified in the plans and new striping and markings throughout.

Project Dates are as follows:
Project to begin on or before July 22, 2019
Milestone A, Omega Bridge to Sandia Dr./Orange St. Substantial Completion – August 14, 2019
Milestone B, Sandia Dr./Orange St. to San Ildefonso Road Substantial Completion – September 20, 2019
Project Final Completion – September 27, 2019

Project Manager: Desirae Lujan, P.E., Senior Engineer

Please feel free to email us at with questions, or concerns.

DP Road Infrastructure

DP Road Infrastructure

Infrastructure for the A-16 A Site needs to be installed first on DP Road as part of the project (funding for the water,  gas, sewer lines and electric lines is a separate economic development project).

View the map of the proposed infrastructure on DP Road that will serve A-8 A, A-8 B, and A-9 and will terminate at A-16.