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Fleet Division 

The Fleet Division is responsible for all repair maintenance and on all vehicles and equipment. Tracking and managing maintenance costs and to provide preventive maintenance before experiencing equipment failures. Monitor labor effectiveness, and perform other crucial tasks for meeting the full potential of maintenance and facility management.

A primary objective is to control the overall cost of operating and maintain vehicles and equipment in a manner that extends their useful life, to control the growth in size of the fleet. Another objective is to standardize the composition of the fleet and to accurately budget for maintenance and replacement costs.

All new purchases for vehicles and equipment are part of the budget cycle and are analyzed through Asset Works our fleet management system. In addition, Wright express software monitor fuel usage per gallon for all fleet vehicles.

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(505) 662-8155

(505) 662-8214


101 Camino Entrada, Building 3

Mon - Fri

7:30 am - 4:30 pm