Trash Pickup and Recycling
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Commercial Services

Los Alamos County businesses are offered solid waste and recycling dumpsters. Recycling roll carts are also available upon request. Contractors and other commercial entities who will be producing a large volume of waste should rent a roll-off. See Helpful Documents to download a request form.

Fees associated with commercial solid waste and recycling collection services .

Authorization Form
This form must be filled out before a commercial entity will be allowed to dump loads at the Eco Station.

Roll Off Rental Request
General information and fee schedule for roll off container rentals.

Dumpster Rental Request

Residential Services

In Los Alamos County solid waste and recycling are collecting bi-weekly via roll-carts for residents living in single family homes, duplexes, quads or town homes.

Residents living in apartment complexes are provided dumpsters for trash disposal. Recycling dumpsters and roll carts are also available for apartment complexes upon request. Apartment dwellers may also drop off their recycling material at the Eco Station, Overlook Convenience Center, and Lemon Lot.

Roll carts are available in 3 sizes 48, 64, 96 Gallon.
Please see the roll cart collection notice for more information.

Waste Collection Map:
View Solid Waste Collection Routes in a larger map.

Assisted Refuse Service:
If you are physically unable to take your roll-carts to the curb and would like to apply for assistance, please review and download the  Assisted Refuse and Recycle Form. 

Completed forms may be brought or mailed to the Eco Station at 3701 E. Jemez Rd Los Alamos, NM 87544, faxed to (505)662-8051 or e-mailed to:

Free Load Policy:
Residents who use roll-carts are offered 12 free loads per year. Please see the Free Load Policy. 

Roll-cart Request:
If you need to request a new roll cart, or if your roll cart is damaged or lost please visit the Roll Cart Request Form to submit your request.

If you have the means to do so, you are encouraged to bring your damaged roll-cart to the Eco Station for immediate repair or replacement.

Note: a fee will not be accessed if damage is caused by Environmental Services equipment, see the Fee's page for more details.
Disposable Items:  

Please see
 "How do I dispose" for a complete list of accepted materials.

View the Environmental Services Recycling Video created by PAC8.

Thrift Shop "Free Load" Donation Forms

Per County Code (Sec. 32-18.c.3) residents may donate one of their 12 free loads each year to a thrift store that operates in Los Alamos County and accepts, recycles and reuses materials from residents. 

Letter to donate free load to United Church Thrift Shop

Letter to donate free load to Casa Mesita Thrift Store