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*Additional fees may apply.  Please see our Fees Page for more information.

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*Additional fees may apply.  Please see our Fees Page for more information

**Only one Yard Trim cart per household is allowed, Refuse trucks will not service more than one Yard Trim Roll Cart. We also provide special brush collection for $25. This must be scheduled in advance and is offered every Wednesday alternating collection between Los Alamos and White Rock. Residents can also bring material to the Eco Station as part of their 12 free loads.

(Find out more about the Bear Cart here)

Describe Repair or Replacement - If this is a request to repair or replace a roll cart, please describe what is needed. (Examples for repairs - "cracked roll cart" or "missing lid".  Examples for replacements - "replace Trash-64gal with Trash 96gal") Be sure to include the type and size of roll cart when describing which should be replaced or repaired to avoid mistakes.


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