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Each officer working for the Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD) has the opportunity to take on a special assignment. These assignments can be temporary or short term in nature or ongoing throughout the officer’s career.

School Resource Officer

The LAPD School Resource Officers (SROs) continue to be an important partnership between the LAPD and the Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS). LAPD has school SROs assigned to both the middle school and the high school, as well as a Juvenile Officer. LAPD has also expanded the outreach of the SROs and has begun working in the elementary schools. The SROs work closely with the LAPS to provide guidance, training, and security to enhance the school's safe environment. 

School Resource Officers are responsible for the Explorer program which brings students, 14 years old and up, together to learn about law enforcement. They will also be involved in crime prevention and community events such as the Ident-A-Kid program and security assessments for home and business.

Firearms Instructors

The Firearms Unit is responsible for conduction the necessary firearms training for all officers of the Los Alamos Police Department. Instructors provide initial and reoccurring training throughout an officer's career. Instructors specialize in teaching and refining the shooting skills of Officers. All instructors are certified Armorers and conduct repairs on the department's inventory of firearms. Firearm Instructors are expected to maintain a higher level of proficiency in all firearm disciplines.

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Defensive Tactics Instructor

The Defensive Tactics Instructors are responsible for training new recruits and providing maintenance training for the entire department in the area of defensive tactics. These tactics include basic and advanced hand-to-hand defense and control, handcuffing procedures, and the use of the baton and chemical substances. Defensive Tactics Instructors receive extensive training in this area and must be physically fit and willing to spend a few painful hours in instructor level classes to maintain proficiency as an instructor.

IR8000 Key Operator

The IR8000 or “breath test machine” must be maintained and calibrated by Key Operators who are specifically trained in conducting the maintenance and checking the calibration. Officers who are Key Operators check and maintain the machine on a regular basis to be sure it is working properly. They also provide training in the use of the IR8000 and testify in court for DWI cases where the proper use or calibration of the machine may come into question.

Driving Instructor

The Driving Instructors provide training to the Department in the use of police vehicles. This training is important to maintain proficiency in the handling of vehicles in a variety of situations that Police Officers regularly encounter during their normal patrol duties. The unique equipment installed and used in police vehicles and the sometimes necessary use of emergency equipment to respond quickly through traffic necessitates training and practice of accident avoidance.

Field Training Officer

The Field Training Officers (FTO's) take on the task of mentoring and training new recruits after they have graduated from the Police Academy. Field Training Officers take the newly graduated recruits from the classroom environment to the street where they learn the specifics of working in Los Alamos County. Field Training Officers are responsible for evaluating the progress of each recruit and submitting regular reports to supervisors.

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