Los Alamos COVID-19 Updates & News Releases
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Read News Releases from the LOS ALAMOS COUNTY related to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Updates may be posted daily or less frequently, as conditions warrant. (For NEW MEXICO STATE COVID-19 updates, refer to: New Mexico Department of Health News Room; New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham News Room; For FEDERAL COVID-19 updates visit the Centers for Disease and Prevention News Room)

Update April 6, 2021

County Update 80 on COVID: Mass vaccination clinic set for April 25 

Update March 18, 2021


Update March 17, 2021

County Update 78: "Lights On and Howl" Event Set for March 24

Update March 16, 2021

County update 77 on COVID: Homebound can get appt to get vaccine at home

Update March 14, 2021


Update March 11, 2021

County Update 75 on COVID: Pfizer Booster Vaccine on March 17

Update February 19, 2021

County Update 74 on COVID: Vaccination Clinic Monday, Feb. 22, Appointments Only

Update February 11, 2021

County Update 73 on COVID: Information for Sunday’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Update February 10, 2021

County Update 72 on COVID: Vaccine Clinic This Sunday, Appointments Only

Update January 28, 2021

County Update 71 on COVID: Seniors COVID Vaccine Clinic Clarification

Update January 25, 2021

County Update 70 on COVID-19: Curative COVID Testing Moving From Fuller Lodge to Overlook Park in White Rock on Tuesday as a drive-through site

Update January 22, 2021

County Update 69 on COVID-19: Second COVID Vaccine Dose Scheduled For Category 1A Individuals Vaccinated on Jan. 2

County Update 68 on COVID-19: Seniors Vaccine Clinic Set for January 30 & 31 (by appt. only)

Update January 14, 2021

County Update 67 on COVID-19: Vaccination Clinic for Los Alamos individuals in level 1A and 1B phases as defined by NMDOH

County Update 66 on COVID-19: Testing for COVID at Fuller Lodge Every Tuesday - Every Thursday Testing Begins January 28th

Update January 7, 2021

County Update 65 on COVID-19: Call for volunteers to assist with COVID-19 testing at Fuller Lodge starting Jan. 19

Update January 6, 2021

County Update 64 on COVID-19: COVID testing in Los Alamos every Tuesday at Fuller Lodge.

Update January 5, 2021

County Update 63 on COVID: COVID Vaccine for healthcare workers on Jan. 11 - first and second vaccines, healthcare only not general public 

County Update 62 on COVID: COVID-19 Testing TODAY: Jan 5, Fuller Lodge

Update December 22, 2020:

County update 61 on COVID-19, Stay home and get tested: State offers COVID-19 Test Kit for Home Use 

Update December 21, 2020:

County update 60 on COVID-19, Doctors, Nurses asked to register to assist with vaccine distribution to general public later in 2021

Update December 8, 2020:

County update 59 on COVID-19, Betty Ehart Senior Center to Close due to COVID Positive Employee

Update December 2, 2020:

County Update 58 on COVID-19, Los Alamos County Facilities to Re-Open within Public Health Guidelines

Update November 23, 2020:

County Update 57 on COVID-19, Stay “Home for the Holidays” This Year

Update November 16, 2020:

County Update 56 on COVID-19, Changes in Hours of Operation Or Closure for Other County Facilities

County Update 55 on COVID-19: Recreation Facilities Closed Starting Monday, Nov. 16

County Update 54 on COVID-19: Services Curtailed at the Municipal Bldg Starting Monday, Nov. 16

Update November 13, 2020:

County Update 53 on COVID-19: Atomic City Transit Dial-A-Ride Service for Essential Business to begin November 16, 2020

Update September 3, 2020:

County Update 52 on COVID-19, Library to Begin Taking Reservations for Internet Computers Beginning September 8th

Update July 6, 2020:

County Update 51 on COVID-19, Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office to Limit In-Person Services, as the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Continues

Update July 1, 2020:

County Update 50 on COVID-19, County Fair and Rodeo Canceled Due to COVID-19

Update June 17, 2020:

County Update 49 on COVID-19, Customer Care Representatives Begin Limited In-person Business

County Update 48 on COVID-19, County Council Using Zoom Webinar for Public Comment for June 30th Meeting

Update June 16, 2020:

County Update 47 on COVID-19, County Assessor Fully Opens for Business

Update June 15, 2020:

County Update 46 on COVID-19, UPDATE: Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office Opens to the Public

County Update 45 on COVID-19, County moves toward 50 percent repopulating of facilities beginning June 15

Update June 9, 2020:

County Update 44 on COVID-19, Atomic City Transit Phase 1 Reopening – June 15

Update June 8, 2020:

County Update 43 on COVID-19, Boards & Commissions Begin to Resume Meetings

Update June 5, 2020:

County Update 42 on COVID-19, Los Alamos County Library System Curbside Service to Begin June 15th

Update June 2, 2020:

County Update 41 on COVID-19, Aquatic Center Re-opens June 8 for Lap Swimming; Reserve Pool Lanes Starting Friday, June 5

Update June 1, 2020:

County Update 40 on COVID-19, County Offers Free Face Masks

Update May 28, 2020:

County Update 39 on COVID-19, La Mesa Trail Reserved Part-time for Aspen Ridge Residents, 

County Update 38 on COVID-19, Animal Shelter Art Contest

Update May 22, 2020:

County Update 37 on COVID-19, Los Alamos County Library System Service Updates

Updates May 15, 2020:

County Update 36 on COVID-19, County Manager Comments on Essential Services status; Addresses Governor’s directive for everyone to wear face coverings in public, starting tomorrow, due to COVID-19

Updates May 13, 2020:

County Update 35 on COVID-19, Technological Advances Assist Finance in Working Remotely during COVID-19

Updates May 8, 2020:

County Update 34 on COVID-19, Food Boxes Delated Until Monday

Updates May 7, 2020:

County Update 33 on COVID-19, Dog Leash Reminder

County Update 32 on COVID-19, Food Boxes May 8 for Special At Risk Populations

Updates May 5, 2020:

County Update 31 on COVID-19, Golf Course re-opens on Friday with restrictions in place due to DOH public emergency order RE: mass gatherings

Updates May 4, 2020:

County Update 30 on COVID-19, Format for Council meetings in May for commenting, attendance continues to be in place due to DOH public emergency order RE: mass gatherings

Updates May 1, 2020:

County Update 29 on COVID-19, No Parking at Station 4

Updates April 27, 2020:

County Update 28 on COVID-19, Boards & Commissions Meetings Continue to be Canceled due to COVID-19

County Update 27 on COVID-19, Volunteers help out by donating face coverings; County encourages residents to log hours for later request to FEMA against 25% match due to COVID-19

Updates April 23, 2020:

County Update 26 on COVID-19, County extends Essential Services status through May 15 to comply with Governor’s “stay at home” executive order due to COVID-19

County Update 25 on COVID-19, Closures of County Facilities Continue to Align with Governor’s Extension

Updates April 22, 2020:

County Clerk Issues Voter Information Notices Ahead of the Upcoming 2020 Primary Election

Updates April 16, 2020:

County Update 24 COVID-19, Be wary of coronavirus scams

Updates April 14, 2020:

County Update 23 on COVID-19, Despite pandemic, Public Works projects remain on track and moving forward through telework, teleconference options

County Update 22 on COVID-19, Public Health Office offers COVID-19 testing Mondays & Wednesdays by appointment

Updates April 13, 2020:

County Update 21 on COVID-19, Volunteers asked to log hours; County may be able to include in request to FEMA for later reimbursement against 25% match due to COVID-19

County Update 20 on COVID-19, Essential employees need help from community for face coverings to wear out in the field for protection due to COVID-19

Updates April 10, 2020:

County Update 19 on COVID-19, RV Park, Main Gate Park see changes due to Governor’s Executive Order

Los Alamos County Library System Closure Updates

In-Person Attendance Prohibited at BPU Meeting – DPU Update 6

Assessor office changes due to COVID-19

Updates April 9, 2020:

County Update 18 on COVID-19, County extends Essential Services status through April 30 to comply with Governor's "stay at home" executive order due to COVID-19

Updates April 8 2020:

UPDATE: Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office Reduces Office Hours in Response to Continued COVID-19 Concerns

County Update 17 on COVID-19, County asks for community to help supply face coverings to employees out in the field for protection due to COVID-19

County Update 16 on COVID-19, Boards & Commissions Meetings Continue to be Canceled due to COVID-19

Updates April 7, 2020:

County Update 15 on COVID-19, #FindHopeLosAlamos during COVID-19
Fire Marshal Comments on Maximum Occupancy Requirements under Amended Public Health Order

County Update 14 on COVID-19, Trails, Parks, Dogs and COVID-19

Updates April 6, 2020:

County Update 13 on COVID-19, Closures of County Facilities Continue because of COVID-19

County Update 12 on COVID-19, Council Meeting Changes Continue because of COVID-19

Updates April 1, 2020:

DPU Suspends Utility Service Shut-Offs - DPU Update 5

Social Services Manager:  Keep up the good work on social distancing

Updates March 30, 2020:

Overlook Park closed Thursday for DOH COVID-19 testing

County Update 11 on COVID-19, Food Secure, Residents Asked Not to Hoard Food, Supplies

Reduced Hours Starting April 1: Eco Station & Overlook Convenience Center - EV Update 1

Updates March 27, 2020:

County Update 10 on COVID-19, Council Meeting Changes Because of COVID-19

Department of Health announces COVID-19 screening in Los Alamos County

Updates March 24, 2020:

Coronavirus Precautions Could Lead To Increased Domestic Violence - PD Update 1

Public Attendance Prohibited at BPU Meeting - DPU Update 4

Updates March 19, 2020:

County Update 9 on COVID-19, Public Works "Still at Work"

Updates March 18, 2020:

County Update 8 on COVID-19, Animal Shelter Hours of Operation, Limited to Staff only

County Update 7 on COVID-19, Chair Scott Signs Emergency Declaration

County Update 6 on COVID-19, ACT answers questions about Dial-a-Ride while fixed routes are suspended

County Update 5 on COVID-19, Snow Patrol Crews ready to roll if LA gets snow overnight

Updates March 17, 2020:

County Update 4 on COVID-19, Employees move to essential services staff levels, telecommute, reduced or eliminated customer service face to face transactions March 18

DPU Continues Essential Services - DPU Update 3

BPU Meeting Moved to March 25 - DPU Update 2

Updates March 15, 2020:

County Update 3 on COVID-19, Announcing Add'l Facilities closing March 16

Updates March 13, 2020:

County Update 2 on COVID-19, Addressing Contractors and Service Contracts, Facilities (published 3/13/20)

County Update 1 on COVID-19 Addressing Add'l Preparations
(published 3/13/20)

Municipal Court COVID-19 Update 1 (published 3/13/20)

Assessor COVID-19 Update 1 (published 3/13/20)

Library Manager Issues Statement on COVID 19 and Preventive Measures, Cancelations (published 3/13/20)

Clerk Issues Stmt on COVID 19 and Services (published 3/13/20)

Update March 12, 2020:

County's Response to Governor/NMHD Mass Gatherings Ban (published 3/12/20)

DPU Recommends Customers Conduct Business via Phone - DPU Update 1

Updates March 10, 2020:

County Prepares for COVID-19 (published 3/10/20)


Do you need help with COVID-19 Resources?: (Posted 5/30/2020 and mailed to all citizens the week first week in June, 2020.)

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: On March 23, 2020, New Mexico Department of Health issued a public health emergency order directing all New Mexicans to stay home except to maintain continuity of functions critical to public health and safety. This pdf document is a a coronavirus (COVID-19) resource guide for citizens in Los Alamos and White Rock. (posted March 27, 2020 and mailed to citizens first week in April 2020)

Flyer PDF for businesses or organizations to use, post or share in their facilities related to March 16 closures for County Facilities (posted 3/16/20)