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NM Human Services Dept. issues Press Release: Applications open June 14 for $5 Million in economic relief - payment destined for taxpayers who did not qualify for federal stimulus programs (June 10, 2021);

LA County Emergency Manager's Report to Council (FINAL Issue: June 8, 2021)

NMDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard (to see the percentage of individuals vaccinated (by State or County)

Not sure about getting the vaccine? Wondering if it's safe? Read the DOH issued "Frequently Asked Questions about the Vaccine" document (May 19, 2021)

Vaccine Cards: Visit the NMDOH site to obtain immunization records, which show completed COVID-19 vaccine series, if applicable.

All Together New Mexico - COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers (Updated April 30, 2021)

NMDOH 3/23/2021 issues press release: State announces COVID-19 Exposure Notification App

Info from the NM Dept. of Health on the Red to Green Framework currently in effect as of 12/02/2020: A county-by-county framework that permits counties to operate under less restrictive public health measures when health metrics demonstrate the extent of the virus' spread and test positivity within those counties are met. A new level of Turquoise ("low risk") was added on 2/24/21

Los Alamos 

Remains at Turquoise Level 

Info on the Risk Level & Restrictions

New level announcements from NMDOH expected on 6/16/2021 at noon.

New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps seeks volunteers
in the medical field who would be interested in supporting vaccination efforts, or any other medical event. Please register at the New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps 

Updated Pandemic Annex to Emergency Operations Plan adopted 5/5/2020

Last update to this page: 06/10/2021

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1. NM Dept. of Health Coronavirus emergency hotline: 1-855-600-3453 (Call this number before visiting a local health care center) 

  • NMDOH Self-screening toolShould I Get Tested?
  • NMDOH Test Results Portal.  Be prepared to create an account.  You need to provide your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and DATE SAMPLE WAS COLLECTED. 

2. NM Dept. of Health hotline for everything else: 1-833-551-0518

3. Center for Disease Control (COVID-19) and the CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker website.   For the latest on the COVID-19 News from the CDC visit the CDC What's New Web Page

4. New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH COVID-19) (Visit the NMDOH COVID-19 website for current info on tests/positive cases of COVID 19 in New Mexico.). 

5. New Mexico Crisis and Access Line

6. LANL COVID-19 hotline: 505-606-2667

7. Customer Care Center: 505-662-8333 (Call for information on county facility closures, assistance with meals and utility bills or how to help the community at this time.)

8. Emergency Management: 505-662-8283 or 505-709-8632


Los Alamos County is following the phased New Mexico Reopening Plan Preview which is backed by the Economic Recovery Council. The phased reopening adheres to the: ALL TOGETHER NEW MEXICO, COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers (revised April 30. 2021).

April 30, 2021: New Mexico Economic Recovery Council and COVID-Safe Practices Subcommittees issue revised booklet: ALL TOGETHER NEW MEXICO, COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers (Apr. 2021)

It includes:

  • COVID Safe-Practices for all Employers (on page 10) that also identifies additional resources such as, OSHA and CDC guidelines and EPA list of Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2
  • How each business (restaurants, gyms, retail, grocery stores, farmers markets, youth sports and programs, intercollegiate sports, hotels, resorts & lodging, golf courses, houses of worship, etc....) can comply with the phased reopening of the New Mexico economy.
Read the State of the Response: State Actions to address the Pandemic issued by the National Safety Council.


Learn more about Pandemic Flu and Coronavirus

The best source for current information on Coronavirus or any type of seasonal flu is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Link below:

Pandemic flu is a global outbreak of flu, no matter what kind. Learn more about pandemic flu here:

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) facts:

The 2019 novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is a respiratory virus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The novel coronavirus is a new virus and part of a large group of viruses that infect people and while normally causing a mild respiratory disease - such as the common cold - it can potentially be deadly. Signs and symptoms of this coronavirus illness include fever, cold spells, cough, difficulty breathing, chills and muscle pains. Because this time of year is also cold and flu season, testing to identify coronavirus is needed. It shares similar symptoms to cold and flu.

About Coronavirus COVID-19:

  • Person-to-person spreads mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread
  • Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure
  • Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved for use.  See "Vaccines for COVID-19" further down on the page.  
  • Recovery for average healthy adult is 7-14 days
  • Greatest risk is to elderly, especially those who have complicated medical problems or immune deficiencies

Stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel.  If you must go out, stop the spread, and wear a mask in public.

However, Dr. David Scrase, secretary of the Human Services Department reminds everyone, “As we move forward in reopening our economy in a COVID-positive New Mexico, it’s critically important that everyone in our state keeps up the good work we’ve been doing by adopting COVID-19 Safe Practices as a new normal way of life. You know the drill: wear a mask in public, wash your hands often, keep a 6-foot distance from others, and STAY HOME if you are sick or have risk factors.” (emphasis added)

Do you need a mask?

You can request one from the NM Dept of Health at:

The Customer Care Center also has a limited number of masks. If you need one contact them at at 505.662.8333 or

Hygiene Counts!

One of the best defenses against flu epidemics of any kind is basic hygiene.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze. Throw it away afterwards. Flu is spread through 'respiratory droplets.
  • Wash your hands often, or at least use hand sanitizing gels often.
  • Teach your children this respiratory etiquette and insist on it for yourself and others.
  • STAY HOME from work when you are ill.
  • Keep your children home and their friends away when they are ill, period.
  • Enact a 6 ft. rule when in public places


If you think that you might have been exposed to COVID-19 and you develop a fever and other symptoms such as a cough or difficulty breathing -

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website: What to Do if You Are Sick?

New Mexico Department of Health

Call NM Dept. of Health (NMDOH) Coronavirus emergency hotline at 855-600-3453; Visit the NMDOH website: COVID-19 Screening & Testing for health screen questions and testing sites.

NMDOH hotline for everything else: 1-833-551-0518.


Call your doctor.


Free Testing in Los Alamos


Register firstYou will need this code to schedule an appointment at the Los Alamos Public Health Office.
Visit: or call the Public Health Office Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM at 505-753-2794 if you need help registering.

Call the local Los Alamos Public Health Office at 
505-662-4038 to schedule an appointment (you will need your confirmation code)

Dates & Times: Mon., Wed., and Fri. from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Address & Phone: Los Alamos Public Health Office, 1183 Diamond Dr., Los Alamos | phone: 505-662-4038

Test Results: If you were tested, get your results on the NMDOH online COVID-19 test results portal (approx. 72 hours)


(NOTE:  Beginning Jan 26th CURATIVE testing is moving from Fuller Lodge to Overlook Park in White Rock)

Register first
: Visit the Curative website at to schedule a date and time.  

Dates & Times:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM - 2 PM 

Address & Phone: Location has changed to Overlook Park in White Rock | This is now a drive-through site (no need to leave your car) | phone: 505.662.8333

Test Results: Results will be sent via text or email (approx. 24 - 72 hours)

Press Release regarding change in location (issued Jan. 25, 2021)


Testing locations throughout New Mexico:

Sites for COVID-19 Screening &Testing (Swab/Specimen Collection)

Stay-at-Home COVID-19 Test Free from Dept. of Health:

Who can request a Stay-at-Home COVID-19 test? Any New Mexican with access to online video-conferencing through Zoom

Order:  Place an order or a COVID test online at

Receipt of the test: The test will be sent via expedited shipping. Once received the individual must log onto the Vault virtual waiting room, via Zoom, to connect with a testing supervisor while self-administering the saliva sample.

Sending the test to the lab:  Individuals can then send the saliva sample to the laboratory for verification via a prepaid UPS package.

Test Results: Within 24 to 48 hours of arrival at the lab, results will be available to the patient.

Press Release on Stay-at-Home COVID testing. (Dec. 22, 2020)


Pre-register with Dept. of Health

Visit the Dept. of Health website to pre-register for the vaccine:

Vaccination Clinics

    Vaccine Clinics in Los Alamos (Hosted by Nambe Drugs, Los Alamos County, NMDOH) - APPOINTMENTS ONLY


    Open the


    Visit and select one of the available clinics, writing down the "Event Code." You will be directed to your NMDOH profile, using your NMDOH confirmation code and date of birth open your profile and select Schedule an Event.  Select "Yes, I have an event code" and enter the event code from the previous site to schedule your appointment.  
    Did you need assistance scheduling an appointment?  Call NM DOH at 1-855-600-3453, press option 0 for vaccine questions, and then option 4 for tech support



The following links are for additional information on:

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine (Johnson & Johnson)



Individuals and Families:

Information is available on the CDC website advising you how to prepare:

If it's not Coronavirus...
Seasonal Flu

For current NM flu information, visit or call toll-free the NM Influenza hotline at 1-800-432-6866. Frequently asked questions and answers are also available on the DOH website. Or visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website

Stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel.  If you must go out, stop the spread, and wear a mask in public

As of May 28, 2020 the NM Governor announced that some restrictions are being lifted

However, Dr. David Scrase, secretary of the Human Services Department reminds everyone, “As we move forward in reopening our economy in a COVID-positive New Mexico, it’s critically important that everyone in our state keeps up the good work we’ve been doing by adopting COVID-19 Safe Practices as a new normal way of life. You know the drill: wear a mask in public, wash your hands often, keep a 6-foot distance from others, and STAY HOME if you are sick or have risk factors.” (emphasis added)

Do you need a mask?

You can request one from the New Mexico Dept of Health at:

The Customer Care Center also has a limited number of masks. You can pick them up at the Municipal Building at 1000 Central Avenue, Los Alamos or contact CCC at 505.662.8333 or

County Trails 

While Los Alamos citizens are doing their best to stay at home and practice social distancing, many of the Los Alamos trails are still open.  Get out and get some fresh air while keeping your distance from others.  Download the County Trail Network Information.  

Forest Service Recreation Sites

April 10, 2020 Press Release from the USDA Santa Fe National Forest Service: Forest Service takes steps to protect communities from spread of COVID-19.  

In alignment with current federal, state and local guidance for social distancing and to ensure the health and safety of its employees, visitors and volunteers, the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) has added additional developed recreation sites to the region-wide closure order on occupancy and use restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19. Read the full press release


Meal Assistance Information

Child Care or Loss of Income

Benefits for Unemployment

Workers affected by COVID-19, there is assistance available to those who are not traditionally eligible for unemployment benefits.  Information and FAQs on how to apply for the different types of benefits available and additional resources can be found on the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions website.  Find tutorial and more on the NMDWS YouTube channel

Per a NM Dept. of Workforce Solutions press release issued on June 26, 2020, New Mexico will begin offering the Federal-State Extended Benefits (FDEB1) program for those who have exhausted their previous unemployment benefits

Utility Bill Assistance


Housing Assistance

Individuals concerned that they may lose their housing as Public Health Orders are lifted the following information was compiled by the Federal Interagency Recovery Committee to serve as a starting point for addressing these home leasing concerns.

This is general purpose information compiled from publicly available sources. For specific information related to the programs and benefits described, please consult directly with the provider of the resource through the contacts listed on the websites below:

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published a webpage on COVID-19 related resources for homeowners and renters in collaboration with the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The collaborative webpage provides information regarding mortgage relief options, protection for renters, and avoiding scams.




Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce

Visit the Chamber website for information on Business Support, Status Childcare, and Summer Programs

New Mexico Finance Authority

The Small Business Recovery Loan Fund for New Mexico small businesses opened on August 5, making $400 million in loan funds available for small businesses. The online application is available at www.nmfinance.comRead the press release.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act, prepared by the US Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, is designed to guide businesses through the programs and initiatives in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was passed by Congress to assist business owners.  The document includes FAQs for each program. 

  1. SBDC New Mexico - Help for Businesses Impacted by the COVID-19 Health Emergency

  2. Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL):    This loan advance will provide up to $10,000 of economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing temporary difficulties.
  3. Paycheck Protections Program (PPP): This loan program provides loan forgiveness for retaining employees by temporarily expanding the traditional SBA 7(a) loan program..

  4. SBA Express Bridge LoansEnables small businesses who currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender to access up to $25,000 quickly.

  5. SBA Debt Relief: The SBA is providing a financial reprieve to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Find a Counselor: Get free business counseling. 
APPLY:  Online through the Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Assistance  OR contact the New Mexico Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) (an SBA resource partner) at one of the 19 offices set up across New Mexico. They are offering instruction and guidance on how to apply.

New Mexico Economic Development Department

Visit the New Mexico Economic Development Department or call them on the hotline: 1-800-659-2955 (TTY/TDD: 1-800-877-8339).  They have resources and tools on the COVID-19 Health Emergency including loan programs and recorded webinars.

New Mexico loan programs, approved by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to assist businesses during the COVID-19, have no time limit. 

CONSIDER registering your businesses to be a part of the “BUY TODAY FOR TOMORROW” campaign at:

Community members buy vouchers from local companies to use later when the company is back open.

State Assistance: EDD Financial Programs

  • LEDA 0% Interest Loans through NMEDD
    • Company must be a qualified entity (manufacturer, non-retail service business with more than 50% of revenue generated out of state)
    • Limited to expenditures for land, building and infrastructure; can be used for lease abatement or mortgage assistance
    • All loans will be required to provide security equal to the amount of the loan
    • Contact your NMEDD Regional Rep.

Additional State Assistance Programs

The NM Small Business Investment Council has identified several partners offering loan programs.

If you are a larger organization which employs more than 40 employees, you may be eligible for the New Mexico Recovery Fund.

Grant Opportunities

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department

NM Taxation and Revenue Dept. has extended income and payroll tax deadline to July 15, 2020.


What is the County Doing?

The County Office of Emergency Management is working closely with LA Medical Center, LANL, other local entities, and State health officials to prepare for Coronavirus to emerge here in Los Alamos.

On March 18, 2020, County Council Chair Scott declares a Local State of Emergency

Press Releases:
Los Alamos County COVID-19 Updates and News Releases

Messages from Council Chair Sara Scott:

Dec 03, 2020 Scott: Updates on COVID-19 and the new Public Health Order
Aug 06, 2020 Scott: Community update on COVID-19 and topics of current interest
Jun 25, 2020 Scott: Community update on COVID-19 and current county projects
Jun 03, 2020 Scott: Changes in June for Los Alamos and New Mexico
May 21, 2020 Scott: Update on Los Alamos housing and commercial projects
May 14, 2020 Scott: This Saturday we enter Phase 1 of the reopening of the New Mexico economy
May 07, 2020  Scott: Phased reopening plan
Apr 30, 2020   Scott: Latest developments on the public health emergency
Apr 14, 2020   Scott: Community update during this public health emergency
Apr 04, 2020   Scott: Los Alamos Has It's First Confirmed COVID-19 Case
Mar 23, 2020  Scott: Los Alamos County and Stay at Home Instructions
Mar 18, 2020  Scott: Emergency Declaration
Mar 13, 2020  Scott comments on canceling March 17 work session

What is the State Doing?

New Mexico Department of Health

Visit the New Mexico Department of Health website to stay informed. New Mexico DOH has a dedicated Coronavirus webpage that is being updated in real time.

All NMDOH Public Health Orders

Frequently Asked Questions for Law Enforcement regarding the COVID-19 Public Health Order. (To report a violation of this order: send an email to

All NMDOH Press Releases 

Office of the New Mexico Governor

NM Governor's Economic Recovery Council

All New Mexico Governor Press Releases:

All NM Governor's Executive Orders

New Mexico Economic Development

Help for businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19

What is the Federal Government Doing?

On March 13, 3030 the President declared the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic an emergency declaration for all states, tribes, territories, and the District of Columbia pursuant to section 501 (b) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. 5121-5207 (the “Stafford Act”). State, Territorial, Tribal, local government entities and certain private non-profit (PNP) organizations are eligible to apply for Public Assistance.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

FEMA COVID-19 Emergency Declaration 

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Assistance

Press Releases;
SBA Offers Disaster Assistance to New Mexico Small Businesses Economically Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SBA Ofrece Asistencia de Desastres a los Pequeños Negocios de New Mexico Impactados Económicamente por Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Here's what you can do to help during this pandemic:
  • New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps seeks volunteers in the medical field who would be interested in supporting vaccination efforts, or any other medical event, please register here.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to log their hours.  Whether you make face masks for the community and county employees or help in some other way, please log your hours here.

  • Donate to a Homeless Shelter

  • Donate non-perishable food to a Food Bank.
  • For local community assistance, consider a monetary donation to Self Help, Inc or send a check payable to Self Help, Inc. to 2390 North Road, in Los Alamos. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Consider a monetary donation to the Utility Assistance Program. This is a program maintained by the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities.  Donations from DPU's customers are used to help other customers who are experiencing trouble paying utility bills. To make a donation, visit our Paymentus bill payment portal, where you can now click on a Utilities Assistance Program button.  You do not have to be a current LAC DPU customer to donate.  Thank you for helping our community.
  • MANY of you are sewing masks to donate to others, delivering food to neighbors ... THANK YOU.  Help us keep track of those hours. Click on the link below.   



Contact Information:
Emergency Management
Beverley Simpson  505-662-8283

Contact Info


2500 Trinity, Los Alamos, NM