Hazard Mitigation Planning

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP)

What is a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?

A Local Hazard Mitigation Plan -1) assesses risks associated with natural disasters and emergencies, 2) identifies mitigation measures to minimize or eliminate future losses, and 3) maintains the county's eligibility for federal mitigation funds per the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

Most people who live or work in Los Alamos County have been affected by natural hazards in one way or another. The County and its residents are vulnerable to a variety of hazards, including wildfire, flood, earthquake, dam failure, and severe weather events.
The cost to a community in the wake of a natural disaster is more than rising response and recovery expenses; it can also result in property damage, personal injury, and loss of life. And while it is impossible to prevent all hazards from occurring, we can reduce the impact and sometimes eliminate the threat through good planning and good mitigation measures. This is why federal, state, and local governments have prioritized LHMP.

We're updating our Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

In early 2023 we began the process of updating the 2016 council-adopted Los Alamos Hazard Mitigation Plan. With public feedback, our project team looked at the changing conditions in the community to update the plan's established goals and identify and prioritize projects that will reduce the impacts of future disasters on people and property, as well as on critical facilities and infrastructure. An added benefit is that Los Alamos County becomes eligible to submit applications for Hazard Mitigation grant funding as opportunities arise.

Download a copy of the 2023 DRAFT Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (links below).  Note that the comment period for the DRAFT 2023 plan closed on August 14, 2023. The plan will be forwarded to FEMA for review.

2023 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan - DRAFT

Executive Summary & Sec. 1: Introduction
Sec. 2: Community Profile
Sec. 3: Planning Process
Sec. 4: Risk Assessment
Sec. 5: Mitigation Strategy
Sec. 6: Plan Adoption
Sec. 7: Implementation and Maintenance

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