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Economic Development and Business Assistance Programs

The County is in the process of refining and developing a set of draft economic development and business assistance programs. These programs (BAP) are designed to bring together a set of comprehensive tools utilizing local, regional, state, and federal funding and assistance resources that support and incentivize investment in new and existing businesses in Los Alamos County. Thank you to those who assisted and provided feedback during its presentation. These tools were presented to Council in draft form on February 2, 2022. With the Council’s direction and support, EDD will continue seeking feedback from the business community through a series of focus groups facilitated by LACDC. LAC plans to begin implementing a portion of these programs in mid to late May 2022.

Businesses interested in participating in one of the upcoming focus groups are encouraged to email [email protected]. 

More information about these programs will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.

BAP Frequently Asked Questions [answers to each will soon be published]:

  • What is the start-date date for eligible expenses? March 3, 2021.
  • Are ARPA Grants considered taxable income? Unfortunately, the County cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please contact your accountant or attorney for this service.
  • How often can a business apply? At this time there is no limit to the number of times a business can apply. Funding can only be applied once per project, and will be available until the funding program has been depleted.
  • Can a business submit an invoice for reimbursement, rather than a payment receipt? At this time, this is a reimbursement program; proof of expensed funds will be required. 
  • Can a business apply for multiple categories? Yes - the grant categories were designed to be "stacked". With that in mind, reimbursements can only applied to an expense once.
  • Will purchases by credit card and interest accrued be eligible for reimbursement? 
    1) Payments by a credit card:  If can prove the business actually paid the credit card bill and can provide the underlying detail/itemized receipt, and if that itemized receipts supports and eligible expenditure, that could be okay.  I’ve done many key word searches and could not find this explicit answer in the final rule or FAQs, but defer to best judgement as to the actual underlying expenditure could be used.  But make sure that credit card bill was actually paid, in addition to the itemized receipt to justify the expenditure. 2) Interest – no.  Payments of interest or principal on outstanding debt instruments; fees or issuances costs associated with new debt are not eligible uses.
  • Is there funding available for small business internships? Will education travel and education materials be eligible for reimbursement? Job training programs are allowed, but would need to be well documented, showing the purpose of the internship/training. More information is provided in the Program FAQ 2.17 [link].

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