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110 Entrada Drive110 Entrada Drive (Lot 6B-2). The County is seeking a qualified respondent to purchase and improve a certain county-owned parcel: 101 Entrada Drive (Lot 6B-2). The County will consider all development proposals that contemplate a future use of the property in accordance with the following County strategic plans: County Council’s Strategic Leadership Plan priorities; Comprehensive Plan; Economic Vitality Strategic Plan; Los Alamos Resiliency, Energy and the Sustainability Task Force Interim Report; and the Los Alamos Housing Needs Analysis, all of which can be found and downloaded from the document links provided below. The complete Solicitation Pamphlet can be found [here]. Proposals are due by 2 pm on June 6, 2022.

This solicitation is made for the purpose of selling county-owned real property as provided for in Article II of Chapter 14 of the County Code of ordinances. This solicitation is NOT made for the purpose of procuring goods, services, or construction for the County. As such, this solicitation is not governed by Chapter 31 (Procurement), or the related County policies governing the procurement of goods, services, or construction by the County.