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North Mesa Covered Arena 


The primary use of this indoor facility is for exercising horses during unfavorable weather or at night under the lights. Other animal-related groups in the community may also use the facilities, such as, but not limited to, the Search and Rescue dogs, 4H Club and dog training organizations for training and animal-related events.

General Conduct

  • All domesticated animals must be controlled by leash or other restraining devices outside of the arena.
  • No glass containers may be brought into the arena area.
  • Interior lights shall be turned off when arena is not in use.
  • No congregating is permitted at the arena after 10:00pm or before 5:00am.
  • Animal waste must be removed and disposed of in a sanitary manner in the provided container before leaving the arena.
  • There shall be no breach of the peace: no person may perform, engage in, instigate and/or encourage contention or fight, or assault a person.
  • Leave no trace. Please clean up after yourself.
  • At no time may a domesticated animal injure, molest or intimidate another individual or animal.
  • No storage of non-county owned equipment is permitted.
  • Repair all holes and divots that your horse or other animal creates.
  • Put away any arena equipment to its designated location.
  • Riders moving at the faster gait must move to the outside and slower riders to the inside.

Guidelines and Etiquette for Covered Arena

This arena is intended for shared use by our public. These guidelines are intended to help keep all riders/arena participants and their animals safe while using the arena and the facility itself in good condition for years of enjoyment by the Los Alamos Community:

  • If someone falls off, please bring your animal to a halt.
  • Before entering the arena, call "DOOR" loudly and wait 10 seconds or for an affirmative response that it is safe to enter.
  • Mount your animal in the center of the arena; do NOT mount on the outside of the track.
  • Communicate with other riders/arena participants to avoid possible collisions or accidents.
  • Be Considerate of novice riders/handlers and animals, give them extra space and never pass them closely or going fast.
  • Pass left side to left side when passing another rider from the opposite direction.
  • Keep gates closed while using the arena.
  • Practice safe riding/animal show spacing distances.
  • Stay alert and courteous to others at all times.

Prohibited Behaviors, Actions and Uses Within Park Property

  • Use of arena as a dog park
  • Open Fires
  • Use of arena site or shelter for commercial use
  • Any unauthorized motorized vehicles beyond parking lot
  • Absolutely NO free horse turn out
  • No high speed activities that create damage to the facility or disrupt others enjoyment in sharing the arena
  • Littering and/or dumping
  • Posting of sighs or advertisements
  • Possession or discharge of any fireworks or other explosive pyrotechnics
  • Injury, defacement, disturbance or destruction of any building, sign or equipment (vandalism)
  • Intentional disturbance, harassment or injury of any animal or person
  • Possession and/or use of illegal drugs
  • Public intoxication via drugs or alcohol within the arena area (indoors and out)
  • Sale of alcoholic beverages without a permit and proper liquor license
  • Throwing or launching projectile objects in such a way as to annoy, interfere, impede or endanger another park patron
  • Urinating or defecating on park property other than in the places officially provided
  • Engaging in any public sexual or indecent act within the arena property (indoors or out)
  • Servicing of automobiles on park property, including but not limited to, washing, repairing, or performing other work, except in cases of emergency
  • Carrying possessing or discharging a bow and arrow, dart, firearm, knife with a blade of more than three (3) inches in length, or other dangerous weapons on arena property, excluding law enforcement officers

Type of Scheduling

  • General open use - first come, first use
  • Priority Use - Day and times to be set for specific type of use (dog club, youth groups, and clubs, etc.)
  • Reserved/Exclusive Use - Exclusive use for clinics by an organization or group where time is scheduled through the PROS Division at 662-8159This will be for group use, not individual, and the group must provide a certificate of liability insurance and pay a fee.
  • Fees: $15.00 hr.

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CAPACITY - 49 people as set by the Los Alamos County Fire Marshall

For a copy click on PDF below:

Facility Use Application and Release of Liability.pdf

North Mesa Covered Arena Rules and Regulations 

North Mesa Covered Arena Operations and Maintenance.pdf

Rodeo Grounds - The Ray Brewer Rodeo Arena is located at the end of North Mesa Road.