Canyon Rim Trails
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     Canyon Rim Loop

     Length: 4 miles roundtrip
     Elevation Gain: 350 feet
     Fitness Level: Moderate
     Features: Views, food
     Trail Surface: Asphalt, packed dirt
     Mountain Biking Skill Level: Difficult

     Canyon Rim Loop


This loop connects two paved trail segments with moderately challenging dirt trails to create a nice loop near the downtown area. Businesses along the way can provide refreshment and are often an integral part of the trip. Views of Pueblo or Los Alamos canyon are superb the entire way.

From the trailhead, the paved Los Alamos Mesa Trail skirts the west edge of the park, then passes along the rim of Pueblo Canyon. Near the airport, the path narrows to a dirt track that continues along the north boundary of the airport. About a mile from the start, head down a steep drop on a narrow shelf along the airport fence. The trail drops along the slope, passing the signed Zipline Trail to the left. Climb to again travel along the airport fence. At the end of the fence near the Pajarito Cliffs Site, the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail continues east. A rock cairn marks a connector trail to the south toward the commercial district. The trail crosses behind the Holiday Inn Express, crosses a rock gabion dam, and then swings to the west around the back of the Los Alamos Cooperative Market.

To pick up the Canyon Rim Trail, cross State Road 502 to the Canyon Rim Trailhead. The paved Canyon Rim Trail swings to the west and travels along Los Alamos and DP canyons for 1.5 miles. 

After passing a fire station, the trail heads uphill to East Road. Turn right on the sidewalk and in a few yards, there is a safety island in the median, so you only have to cross one lane at a time. The trail extends to Knecht Street.