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Mission Statement

Accounts Payable
The primary mission of the Accounts Payable Office is to provide for the timely processing of invoices and accurate recording of expenditures in a manner consistent with County guidelines and regulations. The Accounts Payable staff aim to provide accurate and timely information and services to our external and internal customers. We continually strive to perform our mission with the highest degree of integrity, courtesy, and efficiency possible.

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program

The County of Los Alamos Purchasing Card Program provides end users (individual employee cardholders) a method to procure and pay for high volume, low cost items in an effort to streamline efficiencies and reduce the administrative burden of processing these in more traditional ways.  Purchasing limits and certain expenditure exclusions are built into each user’s access.  The County pays these charges on behalf of cardholders on a monthly basis via our P-Card vendor Wells Fargo.

The program is administered by formal policy, in line with the procurement code, and overseen by our AP & P-Card Administrator, Accounts Payable staff and Chief Financial Officer in the Finance Division.  Cardholders are trained and regularly reminded that they are responsible to ensure that all program requirements are being followed when utilizing this card. As part of the Cardholder Agreement that is signed prior to card issuance, cardholders agree to accept responsibility for the protection and proper use of the credit card and are expected to comply with all internal control procedures in order to protect County assets.

The P-Card is to be used only for purchases related to County business.  Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited and cardholders may be subject to disciplinary actions.  All cardholders are required to reconcile credit card receipts to each transaction on a regular monthly basis. Monthly purchases then go through a review and approval process.  All cardholder transactions are captured in monthly statements by each individual cardholder and are imported into Munis by the P-Card Administrator.  Cardholders review their transactions and attach their receipts then released to the designated approver.  Once all transactions have been approved, the P-Card Administrator posts them to the general ledger.

Vendor Information

To discuss a particular vendor problem or question, please call or email any one of the accounts payable staff listed below.  Vendors can also submit their invoices via email to the following address (pdf format only):

[email protected]

The main telephone number for the Accounts Payable Office is 505-662-8060.

Contact: Direct Phone Number:
Nicholle Cordova, P-Card Administrator  505-662-8078
Rebecca Andrus, AP Coordinator  505-663-1744
David Griego, AP Supervisor  505-662-8062

If you wish to view vendor payment information or P-Card payment information, please fill out our online Records Request Form.